Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Goals in 30 Days: Updates and More

Read about my Challenge here first if you haven't: 30 Goals in 30 Days!

So 30 days has passed and my Challenge is all over. If I had to rate myself, I would give myself a solid B+. I will be the first to admit that this Challenge wasn't perfect, but it was perfect for me. It started off really strong with me actually completing 2 to 3 goals a day for the first 10 days or so...but then life happened and that required me to refocus my attention elsewhere for a few days. After a week of helping everyone around me, I went back to focus on myself and finishing up my goals. The good thing about this challenge is that I was able to take a pause from it to help my friends because it had been so successful at the start. I know I would have driven myself crazy trying to be a good friend, a good worker, and other things...(I'm being a secret squirrel but for the next 4 months, I have to be careful of what I say or write but send up some prayers or positive vibes for me!). I was able to successfully complete 30 goals but I'm sure 2 or 3 of them were just something to do ("Spend A Day Not Working!!") 

Anyway since I'm at the end I want to give a list of my Dos and Don'ts and Other Tips for anyone who wants to embark on this Challenge for themselves. 

  • Do buy yourself a nice notebook or journal. I find that writing things down makes it more real to me. It kind of forces me to actually do what I "say" because written things seem more permanent. I recommend these notebooks: EcoJot Journals. I'm particularly a fan of this one: Don't Give Up Journal. However, if you are so into your tech world you can't write things down, Day One app is good also.
  • Do use the first page to write down your purpose. If the goal is to find a new job, then on page one write down the job you want, the salary, the location, the benefits...everything you want for yourself. This can be for any category. You want to redecorate? Write down the items you want, what kind of decor you are feeling, everything. The first page should be what you want the end result to be. Simple enough.
  • Do use each page as one day. The next page should be Day 1. On Day 1, I will...(fill in the blank). Beneath the top line of the goal, you can write all of your notes. Sometimes we start a goal and realize we need something else. For instance mine was "write an essay." Once I wrote the essay, I decided to go ahead and send it to my friend for revisions. I made a note on that page "Sent to A on date. Check in with A on this date if no response." Things like that. 
  •  Don't get down on yourself if you don't complete a goal. I cannot stress this enough but if you can't complete a goal that day it's okay. It's okay to not be perfect and it's okay to have set backs. Use that setback to refocus or reorganize your goal so the next day will be (more) successful. 
  •  Do celebrate the small victories. Who cares if your only goal was to "get out of bed." Did you get out of bed? YES? You win!!!! Reward yourself! I promised myself a treat for every 10 goals. 
  • Do practice self care. Life is so stressful especially when you are trying to change your life for the better. I specifically broke up my goals into smaller attainable goals so I would not stress myself out but sometimes we will see a guideline and start second guessing ourselves. Schedule a day for YOU and let that be your GOAL. 
  • Don't do negative goals. I really dislike negative goals. Negative goals are also restrictive because you are trying to NOT do something you enjoy. The focus should be on the positive outcome of the goal. "Stop Spending So Much Money" can easily become "Learn to budget and manage my money better." (Sidenote: I managed to raise my credit score 100 points in a year's time. I can blog on that if anyone is interested)
  • Do breathe! What's meant for you will come to you. If it misses you, it wasn't for you. While I am not one to totally believe your life is predestined, I do think that things and people come into your life for a reason, to help you on your path to what you are destined to's up to you to recognize your destiny, to accept it, and which path you will follow. 
The reason I shared this personal challenge is because I know it's hard for a lot of people to get going. Myself included. I swear I have ADD or ADHD. It's hard to focus, I procrastinate, I make excuses...but I do want to be a better person so I worked hard over the last year trying to find a plan that worked best for me to accomplish my goals. I think everyone should work at finding their best method for success. Maybe my method will help, maybe it won't but it sparks something else in you, or maybe it's not for you at all and you will never listen to me again. And if the last part is true, the positive is that you tried. Without trying how will you ever know how great you can be?