Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Prose: Out Loud a.k.a. "5"

I lived my love out loud

Wore his name across my heart like a badge of honor

His sweat lingered on my skin and became my favorite perfume

The touch of his hands left imprints of his lust that danced from my hair to my toes.

I wore him all over. I savored him.

Held him tight in my arms and from my lips flowed the sweetest song known to man.

Out Loud.
And then Louder.
Bolder. Stronger. Faster. 
Until there was nothing left.

And when he left, 
The taste of his sweat,
The touch of his hand,
The smell of his love,
The sound of his voice,
and the look in his eyes remained.
Quietly haunting me in my dreams.

Written: 8.20.2015. 

Photo by: Peter Schafer (