Tuesday, July 14, 2015

True Life: The reality of Dating a "Celebrity"

Every time I log onto Facebook, Twitter, or one of my favorite message boards, I see the same thing time and time again. Women lusting after a celebrity wanting to bed him or even date him...and I get it, we all want that person everyone wants. These people are celebrities for a reason and most of them are good looking, charismatic, and smart. What most of these women don't get it: It takes a special
kind of woman to date a "famous" person or even a person in the industry period. It's not easy so I decided to offer the reality of it all. Now if it's your plan to just sleep with a celeb, that's easy. With twitter and IG and VIP all access passes, there's no reason a put together woman in a nice outfit with her edges laid can't hook up with someone randomly for a night. (Note: Easy is a relative term. Meeting the celeb is the easy part; having sex is the part that requires work. But honestly unless he's married, just shoot your shot.) However dating? That's something completely different...

1. Ain't no 9 to 5 bih: They do NOT work the same schedule "regular" people work, which means a call at 2 am ain't always a booty call. It could be  "I just got out of the studio/off set and I have some time, can I see you?" call. This will happen often. You will rarely be on the same schedule and when you are, cherish those days. A lot of the time you will get off at 5/6 and if they work in music, they are about to go to the studio because apparently studios don't get popping until 9 or 10 pm.

2. The Studio/Set is Boring: If you are over 25, the appeal of being on set or in the studio while your bae works quickly wears off after a month or so. It's always fun at first. You get to tweet cute things like "I love watching him work" "Bae is a beast in the studio" but I swear two months later when he asks if you want to go to the studio or the set, you will only say yes for two reasons: 1. to make sure there aren't any groupies around or 2. someone else you really want to meet will be there. THE STUDIO IS BORING!! Being on set is sometimes fun until you realize they are shooting that alley scene once again.

3. That song everyone loves? You are going to hate.: Just to piggy back off #2, the studio is boring and redundant! Rarely is a track made one day and released the next, so what usually happens is you will hear the same song played over and over and over while they get it perfect. When the song finally makes it to the radio (if it makes it to the radio), you will know all the lyrics, the ad libs, the slight mistakes that they left it, the chords, the drums...all of it. And unless that song is about you, chances are you are already going to be tired of it. But you just smile and say "that's my boo!"

4. "My phone was off" is often true: There is nothing worse than recording a perfect take in the studio or on set, just to have someone's phone start ringing or buzzing and fuck up the recording. Now this is also the perfect lie to use when you are cheating but at the same time, it's a fact. Your non-stop texts and calls are messing up the session. Remember in "Life" when Eddie Murphy's phone rang and he answered it and everyone laughed!! LOL. Funny right? In real life, the money for those sessions and movies comes out of someone's pocket, so that person ain't laughing.

5. "(Blank) is in town! I gotta go.":  Plans get ruined quickly when someone your boo wants to work with comes into town. He might not even take a shower, he will just pull on clothes and GHOST! Mentally you have to be prepared and know that you can't whine or complain unless it's your birthday or a holiday. And then if it's someone like Beyonce or Jay Z, then you just have to try to convince them that you know how to act and you have "ideas" too.

6.  "I can't tell you": "What are you working on? Who are you working with?" "I can't tell you." You can take this personal but be honest, if he tells you he's working on the new Denzel movie and it's a secret, chances are you won't tell everyone but you might tell your girl. Who might tell her girl. Who might tell her girl. And so on...so when it's a real secret, he probably won't tell you until the time is right. So patience is a virtue.

7. "Groupies": Depending on the level of celebrity, groupies are always going to be around. The thing is...there is no competition. Sure, some of them are BAD BITCHES!! But for the most part, most of them are trash and average as hell (with all due respect to the groupies reading this blog).  If he (or she) chose you as the one, you're the one. If you are the jealous type, then this isn't for you or you have to learn to check your jealousy. But they will always be around and they don't care if that's your boyfriend, that song or the role he played spoke to THEM and they want that experience.

Take everything above into consideration and ask yourself: is that the relationship I want? Can I deal with this? Or do I need a different type of relationship? But if you are in it for the fame, the money, and the cars, then disregard the above and just go to your local IG boutique and make sure you keep a buddy pass on deck.


  1. I need to do one of these for dudes who date famous women...

    1. totally! LOL. I would read it. Because Meek Mill bought up an interesting topic when he said SB let Nicki grind all over Drake. Not realizing that was part of her job.