Saturday, May 17, 2014

PROSE: lov-her.

the upside to all of this is the happiness i feel in your presence.
see it's not about me...or you...but us and how we connect with each other.

and its not about our conversations...but those moments of silence when

everything is perfect.
but nothing is perfect. and because of that, i try to cherish every
moment i can.
forgive me if i'm needy, or greedy, or jealous, or even overzealous in
your presence.
not to sound cliche but every moment lead to this one...and in this moment...
my lover...
in THIS words can describe how i feel for you.
but wait...this ain't about me. or you. but us.


our energy.
other worldly.
we did this before.
and we'll do it again.
as long as you let me.
so let's try this once more. its about those moments when we lie together
and breathe as one.
those moments when we look at each other, smile, laugh, playfulness.
i want to savor these moments. i cherish these times. i am thankful to
the Most High for this experience.
 I thank Him for him. because him plus me makes us. And we are
everything that I need.
cause it's not about me. or him. but us. And we are love.
---Steph B.

Note: this some old writing. from 2012. maybe 2011. words words words.

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