Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fear Of Flying? Not Really....

In less than a month my best friend Joana and I will be on our way to Chile. This will be my first trip internationally. My first passport stamp!  I can remember getting my passport like it was yesterday…I randomly decided to apply but secretly I was hoping I’d meet a man who’d want to whisk me away on a whirlwind trip to Italy on a whim. I had to be ready. I mean, a girl can dream right? LOL…

Fast forward almost two years later and I’m finally going somewhere. And I’m nervous as hell about flying. Just to give you some background I was 25 years old the first time I flew anywhere and I can count on one hand the number of roundtrip flights I have taken in my life. The last time I flew (in Jan to Miami) was a bit nerve wrecking. On the return flight home, the plane hit some turbulence. Of course, the plane was rocking a bit and it felt like the plane descended a little. At the same time the plane descended, my stomach dropped. Immediately I am like “God PLEASE don’t let this plane crash. Please let this be over…” and a few minutes later, it was over. However, that experience stayed etched in my mind.

4 weeks from today, I will be boarding a plane for the first time since January. Admittingly I’m cool with the flight to Miami. It’s the flight from Miami to Santiago Chile that concerns me. It’s approximately 9 hours and I haven’t been on a flight longer than 5. Then there’s this whole added factor of a plane crash. I was talking to my PNC about flying and he mentioned the Concorde flights, which led to the Concorde Crash…which wasn’t a good idea.

Let me get this straight: I’m NOT AFRAID to fly. I will gladly get on the plane and go…it’s crashing that concerns me. It makes me nervous because if a plane crashes, you can’t really do anything about it. And yes I know statistics show that a person is more likely to be in a car crash but that’s just common sense right? We aren’t talking just about accidents; it’s dying in those accidents. A plane crashes and you’re most likely dead. (Keep in mind I watched ‘We Are Marshall’ on Saturday).  I am beyond excited to go but I can’t deny flying makes me anxious. It always has, its’ not just this trip.

So I’m trying to refocus my attention. I stay on Trip Advisor reading up on Chile, making notes of all the places I hope I can see, all of the wine I am going to drink, and trying to figure out what to pack (I think I need a bigger suitcase…7 days means at least 10 outfits).  It’s a bit overwhelming. But I’m happy. I’m most excited about Valapariso (so much culture!)  and Vina Matetic (the vineyard we are staying at is GORGEOUS see that pic?) I plan on flooding your TLs on twitter and instagram with amazing pictures. Make sure you follow me!

And if you have any suggestions on how to NOT be nervous on a flight, please let me know. It’d be greatly appreciated
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