Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 Minute Blogs: "The End of the World..."

 So I'm currently looking at this movie called "Looking for a Friend For the End of the World". I   randomly happened upon it while trying to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner. For those who haven't seen the film, it's a quite simple premise. The world is ending in three weeks and the main character, Dodge, is dumped by his wife. She just straight bounces (later on it's kinda discovered why but I wont' spoil this movie). Anyway everyone is trying to figure out what they are going to do...and Dodge is basically looking for a friend to spend his final days with. His wish is so simple.

As I'm watching the movie I'm wondering what would I do....where would I do...who'd I'd spend it with...

The concept of the world ending is so foreign to most but it's a real possibility. The universe is so vast and infinite that in a blink of an eye everything can change. Life is that way...nothing is guaranteed.

So while I'm sitting here listing things I'd do...

  • Visit my family
  • Tell that boy I'm in love with him (i'm such a hopeless romantic...)
  • Ride the biggest roller coaster
  • Visit Easter Island (it would have to be cheaper to go now since nothing matters...)
  • Jump out of an airplane  
  • Shave off all my hair just to see how I'd look 
  • Eat ALL of the food 
And as I list things I realize it's nothing out there like in the movie (having wild unprotected sex with everyone and anyone...) because that's just not me. I suddenly realize that nothing is stopping me from doing anything...my list is doable now while I'm alive.  I basically made a bucket list. LMAO. I mean granted, I'd probably loot and steal some things because hey...who wouldn't want to die in a fierce ass Gucci Dress and some Louboutin shoes. But the way I'd want to spend my last days are the ways I wish I'd live my life now...and its like "Why Wait?"

Why do we ever wait on anything? Why do we wait too late? Why don't we take control of this very moment and live out our dreams no matter how big or small and if we fail...who cares. We can move onto the next thing and be great.  Randomly I have moments when I wonder what if....the last time I did what I longed for I moved to NYC. And while it hasn't been perfect, it has been beyond worth it. 

I want to learn in this moment and to fulfill my dreams. 
It's crazy how such a simple comedic film sparked so much in me.

Anyway the movie:

And the song that always triggers something in me:

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