Wednesday, May 8, 2013

POEM: "Devol" (and other random things...)

I'm slacking. I know. I know.
But check it...I've been writing short stories, poems, and chapters. And the things I call "Steph's Shorties..." so while I haven't been here, I've been doing it. Plus I'm on there's always that. Anyway earlier today I learned Lil Wayne (*smh*) is going to entitle his new album "Devol" and it's full of love songs. I read that as Devil and then realized it was loved backwards...that reminded me of Eminem's song "Space Bound" and that line...

"And love is evol (evil)...spell it backwards I'll show you..." Then I wrote this. So below. My "love" poem entitled "Devol". I hope you like....


Once upon a time I fell in love with a man who had all the other ladies in the land in the palm of his hand...
But si, I thought I was different than those other ones and went out my way to show him that THIS is where he belonged
And while I could never fully get attention, the few moments shared were enough to make me believe that we could have forever...
I was wrong.
Because the low I have for him could never be enough
The time I spent didn't satisfy his soul
That's if he had one.
That's if I believe anyone has one now.
I could never figure out why he didn't care
...but he claimed he did but that didn't stop him fromt he actions that forced my tears, so if you care like you say you do then why am I crying and why do i pray to God every night to help me forget your face. And each time you leave I pray you come back. No I mean don't ever come back and let this be the end and when you see me don't speak because I could give a fuck less about your new place where you probably have that next bitch and fuck the pleasantries because there is nothin' pleasant about the way you disregarded me as if I'm not anything...
Excuse the rant.
But once I fell in love with a man and all that's left are my tears on his pillow.--Steph B.More

*incase you never heard the Eminem song, enjoy: