Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting Motivated...

I'm terrible guys.
My plan to give up shopping for Lent was a bust almost two weeks after I started. I was actually doing quite good...but those emails never stopped and things I wanted for weeks went on sale. AND then it's this whole "only a few more in your size...". It began with a pair of jeans from American Eagle and ended with a "The Police" sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.

Now I actually went through my clothes recently and eliminated things I never wear, and never will. That amounted to one md trash bag full of clothing. I didn't even look at shoes because I believe I can sell those on Ebay...(Anyone want a pair of nude Enzo pumps? size 7? Never worn...) but's ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous is the weight I'm gaining. I'm around 125 now. At my highest after eating, on a bad day I'm 129. I know some of you are saying..."That's NOT a lot" and honestly it's not BUT it's how I carry it. Without working out, the extra weight makes me look a bit chubby. I got a round belly and thick legs. I don't look bad but I know I can be this weight and look healthy. The thing about weight is I can say "Oh this is not that bad..." and months go by and I keep picking up 2 or 3 lbs until it's out of control. I can't let that happen.

I recognize two issues I have: 1. diet and 2. exercise. We all know my diet sucks. It really needs to change and I want it to change. I really need to incorporate more fruits and veggies, less fried food. And exercise? I just don't. I did purchase a YMCA membership from Living Social and the plan is to activate it tmrw (or sometime this week). Tomorrow Kevin Powell starts his 30 day health and fitness challenge.  It basically boils down to 30 minutes of exercise a day for the month of April. I have to start somewhere. I also have been looking at pictures and I feel in love with Massey (Mankofit). I mean she is the perfect mix of healthy, fit, and curvy to me. I don't want to be all brolic like some chicks out here. I'm a small woman...I like my curves, I just want to define somethings. I mean, LOOK at her (she's only been working out a year!!!):

*drools* she is SO on my vision wall.

So yeah in line with Getting Happy is "Getting Healthy". I have began working on my internal health (seeing ALL the doctors, using up ALL the health insurance) and now I need to start working on the outside. I plan to get a bike soon, and I practice my yoga every day. (for balance and focus).

My problem is staying motivated. If any of you have tips on how to stay motivated and cool ways to incorporate working out during the day, I'd love to hear it! If you are in BK and want to join Kevin Powell's challenge (yes there will be in person meet ups!), then click the link above and join the FB page!! It will be awesome.

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