Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Give Up!!!! (This is a post about Lent...)

Every time I say I will blog more I get caught up in real life. I find that when nothing is going on in my life, I want to blog more but those are the times I have nothing to blog about. Irony...

Last month I celebrated my 33rd birthday. This is the last time I will mention my age on the interwebs! For my birthday I went to Miami and I have to say I had a blast. Shout out to my girls for making it the best birthday I have ever had. Great food, great weather, great friends, and great parties. And as the great Meek Mill said in his song "Amen", we did Liv on Sunday like a church. (*Note: If you want to see more Miami pics, follow me on Instagram: Steph_Bmore)

Which brings me to now...I have a spending problem. Despite the fact that my flight and hotel room were paid by my loved ones, my ass was spending money like I was a Rockefeller. One good thing about Miami is the food is cheaper than NYC, except pizza. Down the street I can get a good slice for $1 or $2. A slice of cheese late one night in Miami ran me over $3 and it was like not even better than 7-11 $1 slices.

I got back from Miami and started balling. Buying dresses, shorts (why? it's COLD), shoes, books, craisins, hair stuff, whipped products (naturalistas check them here:, and more...right now I have a pair of camo jeans in my cart on Urban Outfitters waiting for me to purchase when I get my check for tutoring.

I love nice things that's my fucking problem. And yeah I love to shop, I got a shopping problem.

Growing up without a lot will have this affect on you. Now that I can afford it, I want it all. Half the things I buy I don't even need and I rarely wear or even use. I won't even get into the shake weight situation (I used it three times maybe...). These purses, these shoes, all these hair products...I look around my place and I'm like "why"

So for Lent, I'm giving up shopping. Like a no spend challenge except I don't have any passes. Starting Wednesday I can't buy anything that's NOT a necessity. All those emails from Gap, Amazon, UO, Coach...I have to delete them when they pop up, because I need to control my spending. Miami made me realize I really want to travel more and I can't do that if I keep using my disposable cash for things I don't need. Now I did say I can put things in my cart and at the end of Lent if they are still available and I still want them, I might treat myself to a $100 shopping spree.

Pray for the kid....

P.S. I am giving up two more things for Lent...but I won't mention them here BUT if I can do it, I will update you.

P.P.S. Are you giving up anything? If so, what?