Saturday, October 6, 2012

"No Dance Party? I'm not going then..."

Let's talk about the BK Museum and Target's First Saturdays. Recently I was interviewed for two newspapers about the end of the dance party era. One quote in particular on DNA INFO stated "Without it (the dance party), I don't need to go every month..." has caused some backlash among people. NOW honestly a majority of people are sad to see the party go, and many hold my same sentiment but there are those who think we only want to go BECAUSE of the party. I want to statement meant there was no reason for me to go to First Saturdays every month. Now let me explain that more clear...

 For the past few months the dance party has been on "hold". The first month, I assumed it was because the month before the crowd was overwhelming. The part was held outside and people were dancing all over the place, on cars (that they didn't own), and drinking. There wasn't any violence, or fighting...but it was crowded despite being held in the museum's adjacent parking lot. The museum has no real way of tracking how many people come in and out of the facility, and as a result, there are way too many people in the museum. To the point where it's no longer enjoyable.

I'll admit, I love First Saturdays and when I get the emails I first check out the theme for the month and then the interactive exhibits going on. I am not so much pressed to see the "featured exhibit" that will be there all month or even longer, I don't enjoy the exhibits on First Saturdays because as I stated above, it's way too crowded. However, I do like that they offer hands on art, movies, and speaking engagements on Saturdays too. And yes I participate in those...when I can get tickets. Let's be honest, its thousands of people going on Saturdays and the "hear (artist) speak" program has 25 tickets, which they release at 430. Usually at 430, I'm tutoring. I don't get the opportunity to enjoy the other options a lot of the times and I'm okay with that. So a majority of the time when I go, it's to hear the music, see the performers, and enjoy the dance party. Yes this is MY driving force but that's not to discourage others.

I tell many people that First Saturdays is a great "free" to "cheap" date especially for those who have never been to the museum. There you have an opportunity to see the art and exhibits, to see other things the museum offers, and to enjoy a glass of Sangria (that the museum actually sells!!!) while dancing to the featured DJ and music of the month. I always give props to First Saturdays. My opinion on why I won't go on FIRST SATURDAY anymore is mine alone...I'd rather pay the $10 and enjoy the quietness while seeing the same exhibits than have to deal with the overcrowding and small children running amok on Saturday night.

That said...I do understand why the BK Museum decided to put the dance party on "hiatus." It has become the driving force for many (some say as much as 20K people attend) to attend. It's a great hang out for teenagers who can't go to clubs. It's a safe environment. I haven't seen any fights or shootings and this is in BROOKLYN! lol. I kid.

It's sad but I do understand. This won't stop me from attending the museum. I actually have tickets for a documentary screening later this month, but as for First Saturdays? It's up in the air. Previously it was a no brainer. We did it every month since I moved here in Oct 2010. Now I will only go if there is something I can ONLY see on Saturday (book club, Q&A) and that I can get tickets to attend.

And that's MY position.

and i'm only blogging this because I felt like I explained this 20 times...and really I don't care what others think but people tend to form an opinion about you based on one next person who complains I'll reference them here. Because despite the fact I said this to everyone I spoke to about the closing, they won't include all of this...why would they? I just want my ENTIRE position on this to be available to those who think that we don't like art.

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