Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Jay Z Experience

Let me go head and talk about this Jay Z show at the Barclays.

First off, I have never seen Jay Z perform. Ever. I'll have to admit, I'm a moderate of Jay Z. I have never been inclined to see him in concert before BUT now I live in was at the Barclays...he's the biggest hip hop star...and it was in Brooklyn. One of my friends from SC amped me up to go so I was like YEAH LET'S GO and my happy ass spent $300 for two 100 level seats because all of the tickets sold out on Ticketmaster with the quickness. BUT I had other friends who bought tickets (albeit they all purchased singles randomly spread out in the stadium and some bought tickets for Friday instead of Sat) plan: let's flip the single tickets (which were also better seats) and use my tickets that are together. Sounds like a great plan? Yeah no it didn't work that way...the person who was suppose to sell theirs and sit with me decided to keep theirs and I ended up selling my extra 100 level price for less than half I paid for it. So basically I got fucked over for these tickets. Because I wouldn't have bought TWO tickets had I known that people preferred to keep the ones they had. I was suppose to get the money back for the better ticket But y'all go head and cook. Thanks for ducking me this weekend too about this dumb shit.

Anyway...let's talk about the show. The Saturday show.

The ticket said 8 pm. In MY mind, that means the show starts at 8 or shortly there after. No that just meant doors open at 8, but I'm not mad. We chilling, mingling, eating delicious ass cupcakes, contemplating buying shirts, all that...Get to my seat and I'm not mad at all. Actually the 100 level joints weren't bad and no one was sitting behind us.

The show didn't start until 930. And he comes out to "Where I'm From" (see link below). Then he goes into "Brooklyn Go Hard" and everyone and their momma was amped. Of course Jay then goes into a selection of his hits including "Hard Knock Life", "Cant' Knock the Hustle", "On to the next one", "Run This Town," "Big Pimping" (to name a few). I actually appreciated that at the end of Big Pimping he did Pimp C's verse (RIP). *now let's pause for the cause* I am thinking this is Jay Z, this is Brooklyn, and this is the opening concert of the Barclays. He gonna bring it.

I was wrong.

Nigga bought out Memphis Bleek and that's it. Okay okay...I know some people are saying "He said he wasn't bring out anyone..." Yeah that was said like this week after I paid all my money for this ticket. Yo. The ONLY other person I paid this much for was Prince. But he brings out Bleek and they didn't even do "Is that your bitch?" What kind of lives are we living.

Two encores.
The second encore was just him performing "Encore" in his white BK Nets Jersey (#4, Carter).

It ended at around 1115.

Basically the show was an hour and 15 minutes. $300 yo. 1 hr, 15 min. No guest but Bleek (no disrespect to Bleek but yo...)

Good show but not hardly worth my money. Not worth $100. $50 at the most. I wasn't impressed. I could have done so much more with that money but you use in crying over spilled milk. However, if you are going to later shows, I advise you to be careful how you spend your money.


  1. Man, he put more effort into that "Made in America" shit, and you would've paid 1/3 the price.

    He robbed y'all.

  2. Honestly, this is kinda how I figured it would go down. Which is why I didn't get all hyped to go. (I got asked if I wanted to..I passed...) I can understand why you went though. I mean it was RIGHT THERE.

  3. I'm similar to you in the sense that I'm a moderate Jay-Z fan as well. But when I saw him live I got a better appreciation for him, especially in comparison to Kanye. He was definitely doing the heavy lifting on the WTT tour. Songs that I don't like of his (Blueprints 1 - 2) definitely are much better when he performed them live.

    I guess knowing that he's streaming one of his remaining Barclay shows online, might be a little salt in the wound for you.