Sunday, March 25, 2012

She tatted up...

My newest edition: this quasi butterfly symbolic peace (sic).
Basically I wanted a butterfly and my tattoo artist, Slim, had drawn one I really like a few months ago  but somehow neither of us saved the picture or could pinpoint the one I really liked. Not that we tried hard. Then I wanted a Sankofa. Last week I was going to go get one but THEN I had to cancel the other day as I am browsing the internet I came across this picture. And I fell in love instantly.

Those who know me know I am interested in symbolism, religion, reincarnation, and things of that nature. I immediately pinpointed 4 symbols in this butterfly and knew it was for me. Then I translated the page (it was some Italian joint) and read about the rest. THIS was the tattoo I have been waiting for.

So basically I'm going to give a quick run down on the symbols and what they mean (click on links to see a picture of the symbol by itself):

  • Butterfly: As we all know the symbol of transformation and rebirth. 
  • Sankofa: Adinkra symbol meaning to learn from the past 
  • Bese Saka: Adinkra symbol meaning abundance and unity
  • Om: Used in several Indian religions to represent God, the primeval mantra, and consciousness
  • Ankh: Egyptian symbol representing eternal life and protection 
  • Koru: Maori symbol representing new life, growth, peace, and continuity 

What a beautiful representation of the journey I am currently on...I couldn't think of anything more perfect than this tattoo. I think Slim did a great job and I'm excited to get more ink (despite the fact that tattoos HURT!!!). P.S. you can see my Malcolm X tattoo in the corner. LOL.

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  1. I love the definition behind the tattoo, I'm glad it actually means something to you.

  2. wow what a beautiful tattoo, I have a tattoo of a butterfly myself on my right ankle its a tribal one something a bit different from the usual butterfly tattoos

    lovely post