Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Cinnamon Challenge

Just for laughs...I know some of you seen this before but who cares.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Roommates? Over It.

As some of you know my birthday was Wednesday (the 18th), and I turned 32 years old. (YES! 32! I'm old as hell). Turning 32 triggered something in me...actually, I have been thinking hard since the beginning of 2012. Esoterically, 2012 is about major change and the end of an era. I am at the end of the roommate era. I am actually at the end of a lot of things' era (wait...what?), but this blog is about roommates.

Author's Note: Let me preface this blog by saying I don't have a problem with my roommates...and I don't think it's a bad idea. I just realized this is no longer for me.

I realized a few weeks ago that I never really lived alone. I was "aware" of this fact but I didn't recognize the significance of my living situations. In college, I lived with 7 other females and it surprisingly worked out well. I can't recall any real arguments or fights my friends and I ever had. And we only had ONE bathroom (with two showers). Sure there were times when we'd be annoyed but in reality, this was probably the best roommate situation I ever had.

After graduating, I was house hopping for a few months. Then I moved in with my late ex-boyfriend. We lived together for approximately 3 years. Once we broke up, I moved into my own place but within three months, my boyfriend from NC started staying on this 2 weeks here, 2 weeks in NC schedule. Then he completely moved in and we were together for about 5 years. In June 2010, he moved out. And in October 2010, I moved to New York.

So essentially, I lived alone a total of 5 months my adult life. And I'm 32. What is my life like? Currently I'm living with my second set of roommates since I've been in NY. They are pretty cool, laid back, and I hardly see them. This fact makes me think about living alone and all of the things I could do if I did live alone. That list includes:

  • Walking around naked
  • Playing Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane" cd loudly (or Nicki Minaj...don't judge me)
  • Shower/Bath combos (basically soak in a bubble bath while reading a book and drinking wine...then finishing that with a shower)
  • Eating breakfast at dinner without looking like I'm poor 
  • Having everyone and their cousin up in my place
I have to admit, I'm a bit of a loner. When I am at home (even when I lived alone), I like to chill in my bedroom, listen to music, and play on the computer. Some people take this as me being standoffish or are offended and think I don't like them. This isn't the truth. I just like to be quiet. I like quietness. I like to be alone with my own thoughts and ideals. At the same time, I keep an open house. I like visitors. I open my house to friends and family whenever they need it. I will NOT let any one I care about be out on the street, or paying for some fancy ass hotel when they can stay with me for free. This is an issue because while I don't care, others do. 

However...I need to live alone out of selfishness, and because of the fact I have never done it before. I need a good year of living alone. I start realizing that I'd rather be broke and live alone then have quite a bit of money and live under restrictions. I can't blame anyone for that...when you live with others you must compromise. But I am so over compromising. I want to do what I want when I want...and with that said, I decided once my lease is up at this new place, I will move out on my own. People will say living alone in NY is not the best idea but I can't listen to others anymore. 

Anyway. Here's a picture of me at age 32. 
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