Sunday, September 11, 2011

True Life: I went to see a psychic

I have been in NY a little less than a year (my anniversary will be Oct 4, 2011) and in that time, I've been to Times Square a handful of times. This weekend my PNC, Pam, came to visit and we had a nice time. We went to a New York Fashion Week Show (Charlotte Ronson). It sucked. I mean, the show was good and we saw celebs and took pictures but Charlotte Ronson's Spring 2012 collection sucked terribly. I don't know how she got put on but whoever did that needs to be smacked. However, I will admit her make up line at Sephora is much better. MUCH BETTER.

Anyway, Sunday comes and Pam and I decide to be tourists. We are in Times Square and pass a man holding a sign for a $5 Palm Reading. How could we pass that up? I need to know my fortune, let's go. Now I'll admit, I have wanted to go to a psychic for a while but I've been scared of what they will say (I'll die young, I'll never have kids, I'll be a cat lady which is super scary because I am scared of cats....), so I have avoided it. And I like to fancy myself a psychic from time to time (though my premonitions are often times very negative so I don't like to play around with dark arts but that's for another blog); however, I can't tell my own future which is often the draw back to having a sixth sense if you believe in that sort of thing. ANYWAY DOE....

We go and I let the women read my palm first. And she was surprisingly very positive.
  • I will have a long life well past my 80s (my grandmas are both mid 80s)
  • I'm having difficulty in love with someone I care a lot about
  • I need to relax and enjoy love
  • She sees me more in an artistic career or doing something with my hands. Around Nov or Dec I will experience a career change (this was mentioned in Astrologyzone hmmm...) 
  • I am a very lucky person ("No I'm not lucky I'm blessed: Yes!
  • Once I get married (to the person above perhaps) that it will be permanent, happy, and we won't get divorced
She said some other random things but these are the most important ones. All this for the low cost of $10. She had a $25 deal where she told your future in life and love, which I was really interested in after the palm reading. However, I didn't want to pay that much money. If she said $20, I would have easily dropped that money on the table. Pam was hesitant (I won't share her reading). Then when Pam got home all of a sudden it was "When I come back we should go back and do the reading".

I'm a believer. Not in this particular psychic but in the ability to read palms, see into the future, etc etc. The dark arts and occult things are a fascination of mine. People often look at me strange when I mention this because I am a Christian and it apparently goes "against the teachings of the Bible". I don't have time for all that type of debate. I just know she motivated me. She touched on a few things that was on my mind for the past couple of months and now I feel that some light has been shed on things. I don't believe in coincidences. I am sure some will say that there is a standard script they use, and while that may be true...I think they are good at honing in on what a particular person needs, which is the most important part. The fact that several things she stated I have been thinking about (career wise and in regards to love life) and the fact that she said things stated in my horoscope lead me to believe that those truly are the areas I need to address and stop ignoring and hoping they will become what I want them to be.

It was all very interesting.

Now I wonder if any of my blog followers have went to a psychic and if so, what did (s)he say and how accurate did you find them to be?

Author's Note: *mom don't answer, I already know yours*