Monday, August 1, 2011

True Life: My neighbors think I am being abused...

I debated with myself for a few hours on whether or not I wanted to tell this story. Then I realized I haven't blogged in a while and without going in depth about my life and whats going on in it, I decided to just share this funny albeit sad anecdote.

Anyone who knows me knows that I bruise incredibly easy and I am quite careless with myself. I have a bad habit of rushing and not really paying attention to where I'm walking so I bump into things a lot. This leaves bruises all over my legs, and sometimes my arms. I also believe that the issues I have with my ear cause me not to be as balanced as I wish. Anyway I have this terrible ass black and purple bruise on my leg and when I am wearing shorts it's quite visible.  *Note: This is not the actual bruise. But this is my leg and a bruise I got when I moved.

A male friend decides to hang out with me last night. Being the black people we are, we decide to go get some chicken from the local chicken spot. I put on shorts. Normally I'd wear pants but it's night time and I believe no one will really be in the spot. Plus its just a "small" bruise. As we are standing in the store we are joking around waiting on our 9 piece and fries. A couple walks in and she orders some mozzarella sticks and sits at the table. My friend has to make a call so he moves closer to the door, and I hear her yell out:

"Hey ma! You alright?"

Now I'm thinking she's talking to the older crackhead like lady who had stepped in the spot after them so I pay her no mind. But I look her way and she's like "Yeah you ma" and points to my leg. "Are you good? Are you okay"

And it hits me: She thinks my male friend did this. She is looking at him like he ain't shit. I glance at him because she is LOUD and I assume he hears her but he's wrapped up in his call. I look back at her and say "Oh I'm fine. I'm good" and she has that yeah ok look on her face. Now in my mind, she's loud because she wants him to hear her and say some shit so she can call her man and be like "OH HELL NO NIGGA! You might WHUP her ass but you ain't touching me!!!"

We get our food and walk out the store. I look at him and bust out laughing. I'm like "Did you hear her?" and of course he didn't. I retell him the story and he's like "Why didn't you say NO HE DIDN'T DO IT!" or something similar. In my mind, saying I was good was good enough. This story is NOT funny to him and he doesn't want to be looked at as Ike. But the good part, at least someone cared enough to ask.

In retrospect I am pretty sure they didn't believe me. Now I feel like anytime I see her or her man, they will look at me with sad eyes thinking I let this dude beat all over on me and leave bruises all up and down my leg.

What can you do?