Monday, May 30, 2011

True Life: Interracial Loving...

First let me preface this by saying I have NEVER been a traditional "interracial" relationship and by that I mean, I have never dated anyone white. I have dated a Puerto Rican and a guy from the Phillipines. But that's the extent of me dating outside of my race. I stick to other "minorities". That being said, I have never experienced the stares or the hate that comes along with walking down the street with a white person beside me. I have heard stories from other women and men. My sister and her boyfriend (white!) even got into a fight with some strangers over their love. And of course I have rolled my eyes a time or two when I was younger when I have seen black and white couples. Not that I wanted that man, or that I cared but because it seemed to be the thing to do. In Richmond, mixed couples are just not that common at all.  However once I moved to Columbia MD I was in for a culture shock. Everyone dated outside of their race and if you didn't, something was wrong with you. I progressed and seemingly, I thought the world had too...but I was wrong.

Let me tell you what happened to ME.

So the other day I am out with the typical brunch crew and we had just finished eating a wonderful Italian meal and were walking around enjoying a beautiful Brooklyn day. My boy Jules (he's white and funny) and I were walking ahead of everyone else talking. As we cross the street I notice two African American/black women sitting ice grilling us HARD as fuck. I mean they made no attempts to cover up their disdain for us and it tripped me up for a second. I immediately got defensive and put my arm around Jules as if he were my man and cuddled up close to him. Rain laughed. I looked back and could see the women still starring hard and rolling their eyes like "Look at this bitch all up on this ofay." Wait...they probably didn't say ofay. Probably white man. Of course the arm around Jules is the one with Malcolm X all up on it. Jules, all caught up in the convo, didn't even notice these chicks. He thought they were "eye fucking" him, and we were like NO  they were starring hard like they wanted it with us. We were about to get jumped! (Not really...). How perfect for a lightskinned girl who is looking super Boho with a Malcolm X tattoo to be hanging on a white man dressed casual cool with a kangol on? I hope it killed them.

I'm telling this story because this is the FIRST time I've personally experienced any hate for walking around with someone of another race. Jules, of course, is always the token white in our group and he's use to it so I guess nothing phases him. But I was pissed that anyone would even look like they were going to question WHY I was with him. While we are just friends, if I was fucking him, it's no one's business. I can never understand why people are so wrapped up in other people's relationships. I just...#pause. I'm not doing a rant today. NOPE.

Suffice to say it was a learning experience. I thought Brooklyn as a whole was better than that...but that goes to show you that I can't assume because a place is so progressive that the people would be also.

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  1. welcome to my world. though, these days I don't really notice it too much but apparently the other night we went out we caused quite a commotion several times as we walked down the parkway. it's funny, though, people always assume I'm white. sorry that my european genes dominated my indigenous ones. heh. history repeats itself.


    some people are stupid and obviously, it doesn't matter where you are.

  2. in the end, it's nobody else business and u deserve to be happy.