Tuesday, March 29, 2011

5 Minute Blog: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Call it a hot mess.
This blog is about The Game. Yes, the tv show "The Game".
Where to begin?

Initially when The Game was canceled I was pissed. The CW/UPN/whatever low  budget station already screwed us (read: black people) over by canceling "Girlfriends" and there was no way in hell we were going to let them take one of the only other black shows on television. Now let me admit this...it was Girlfriend's time. It ran it's course, but I do believe they deserved a proper farewell which they didn't get. Joan deserved her wedding, Lynn deserved a record deal, Maya and Darnell deserved a baby, and Toni deserved to come back and show us how cute lil Morgan would have been. Alas, we didn't get that. Instead, the show got canceled. But I'm not bitter.

After hardcore promotion on all social networks, BET picked up the show. We already knew this would be a fail. BET with an original show that's NOT a reality show or 106 and Park. Yeah..no, this wasn't going to work, but we wanted it to...badly. So in January, months after it had been picked up by BET, the show premiers and what do you know...it sucked.

The show decides that since it's been two years since the show was on television, they will just start two years later. Then they decide that explanations aren't needed...we will just figure it out or we'll forget about what happened before. Where was Dionne? Where was Poochie? Who is this new Brit-Brat that is like 25 years old? Not only did they decide not to fill us in, they just started all new story lines.

Kelly became a reality show star, Tasha is still an athlete manager (what happened to managing music?!?), and Melanie became a bitch. As for the guys...they are still who they are, except Jason is retired or something, Malik is not the star or something, and Derwin is the star or something...I don't know what the hell is going on.

But I suffered through the whole season, cringing through 15 mins of the 17 min show (why are there so many commercials?). Then last week BET announces the season finale was the following week. What? There has been maybe 10 shows...but okay. However, tonight I watched and let me tell you: This was the best show of the season...but that's not saying much.

Like honestly...I am confused. Yes, they left cliff hangers but really...what is going on in this show? Why are most of the characters unlikable and why does it look so cheap? I just can't...and my 5 mins are up. Jesus, take the wheel and drive this show into a wall.


  1. The wife sucked me into this show when it was off the air..the new season came on, and I politely excused myself from having to watch it again. Its not bad, but its definitely not must-see-tv.