Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prince: Welcome to America

 Let me preface this blog by saying "I am IN LOVE with Prince." Period. Fact. End of Discussion. You can't ever tell me anything bad about him, I'll refuse to believe it. This man is a gift from God, respect him as such.
Okay now that I went all the way in with my crazy, let me tell you about the show!
First off, I went to two different shows. One on Dec. 29th and one last night, Jan 18 (my birthday #youcare). The Dec show had Mint Condition and Janelle Monae opening up for Prince.Last night's show was started with the lovely Sharon Jones and the Dapp Kings. Unfortunately for me, I missed them performing as I was waiting on the lovely but late Karen to make her arrival.

Let's just talk about last night's show. I was blessed by Madison Square Gardens Concerts to get free tickets to last night's show. The absolute perfect birthday present!

Prince showed OUT last night. When I tell you he went in, he went all the way in. I have seen him three times total and I will tell you that last night was the best performance I have ever seen him give, which is amazing  because all of his shows are great!  But last night he was radiating such a positive energy, he was funny, he was being especially musical (guitar solo after guitar solo), and just all around amazing. (Did I say amazing twice? yes, I did). Let me add: Maceo Parker was there performing as well. Do you KNOW who Maceo is? Please get familiar.

He starts off with a medley of his songs, and in the middle he stops and says "I have way too many hits." Truth. Someone was kind enough to twit pic his set list, so I don't have to go through all of the songs. I will say I was hoping to hear "Gingerbread Man" (a new song) and Little Red Corvette (he didn't play either this time). What I wasn't expecting was "Adore." Prince did a rousing rendition of "Insatiable" then goes smoothly into "Scandalous" and starts off "Adore". He then states "Oh, someone gonna get pregnant tonight!" If I had a man, that someone might have been me. Prince was wrong. People say he did four encores. I don't know if that's necessarily true considering the "encore" songs are all listed on the set list. During one of his encores, Sharon Jones and the Dapp Kings joined Prince to perform "Love Bizarre". He did one TRUE encore of songs not listed. I can't tell you how excited I was to see AJ (106 and Park), Jimmy Fallon, Quest, and Mos Def up on stage when he did "Baby I'm a Star". Ya'll know how I feel about Dante.

Let's get serious. Prince is the epitome of what an entertainer should be. He arrives on time, he gives his heart and soul, and he loves what he's doing. He sings, dances, and plays his own music? People like him are who the (music) "game" is missing. I hear people complain about his concert prices (ranging from $20 to $750). People who complain have never seen him live or they would know he's worth every penny he's charging plus more.  Prince is a true professional. Some of you youngsters take note (I'm talking to you Lauryn Hill).

Like I said on twitter last night while I was on a love high watching him sing "Purple Rain" so effortlessly:

P.S. I will be at the Feb 7 show once again. Falling in love with this man all over.

P.P.S. I almost forgot about Prince being a Jehovah Witness until he said he needs a woman to cook, but not soul food...and not shellfish. He said he doesn't eat shellfish because the Bible told him so.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look At This Bitch Over Here Trying To Act Like Me...

Lawd Lawd Lawd. (5 minute blog...starting now!)

Okay so earlier today I read a piece written by "Da Writer" about Women and Respect, simply called "Women Don't Get Respect because They Don't Respect Each Other" (please click on link and read for yourself). The title basically sums up the article. You don't have to guess what he's going to's quite clear. No Snark.

His first premise is "how can you complain about the way men treat you when you treat each other ten times worse?" followed by "no offense." Should we/I take offense? I don't know. I am slightly offended because what does one thing have to do with another. A lot apparently. Let's discuss this real quick.

First off, he's absolutely right...women are disgustingly mean to other women. Why? I say 90% of the time, it's over a man. It's probably higher but I don't believe any exact studies have been done in regards to this phenomenon. Women HATE each other. (FYI...we are speaking generalities, not totalities). There is nothing I hate more than a woman who says "I can't be friends with another woman..." or "Women are too much trouble..." I can't stand it. I am actually the opposite. I wish I had MORE female friends to build and bond with. Don't get me wrong, my best friends are my girls for life. They are my family. But sometimes I want to do stuff and I don't know another woman I can call to kick it with me. It's hard for a grown woman to make friends...and why?

Because of this "I can't be friends with other women" mentality.

I don't know where this comes from. And you know what's sad, I only hear this in the black community. Now don't get me wrong, I am sure other races have their issues too but really it's always my beautiful black women talking about how they hate other women.  Perhaps its because of the lack of quality black men in our community? There is some type of competition for the men left, and if you and I are friends...then you might get the man meant for me?

I don't understand. And to go back to his original topic, I can see why men will say and do anything they want to women. We do it to each other. We say "This bitch..." "That hoe..." why should my jaw drop when I am called "A bitch" (by the way it me a bitch and I'll probably call your mom a bitch just to make you mad). Respect has to be earned.

The phrase "you can't expect others to respect you unless you respect yourself" is most fitting in this situation. Black women (or any women for that matter) can not expect men to respect of us if we can't respect each other.