Friday, December 31, 2010

We Need A Resolution...

I can't believe 2010 is over. Where does the time go?
It seems like it was just 2008...and now it's about to be 2011. God save us. know what that's time for Resolutions.

For the past week, all of the social sites I frequent are being run over with "My 2011 Resolution", everyone is talking about what they are going to do and change for the new year. And I am so over it.

Earlier this week I was contemplating my own resolutions and I found myself listing the same things I have listed for the past 4 years (money resolutions, eat better, spend time with friends, finish writing...I GOT TO WRITE!) and it's like...this doesn't make any sense. When I resolve to do something one year, I feel like I shouldn't still have to work on it the next year unless it's a long term goal (i.e. graduate from a doctoral program!). I can't keep doing this to myself. I am starting to feel like a failure.

Enough of this talk! It's time for action. There are several things I NEED to do...there are several things I WANT to do...but I am not going to list them and say "This year I'll do it". I'm just going to do it. I hate resolutions...because if you want to change your life, you will change won't wait for the new year. You'll just go for it.

I am going to let life come as it may and just work on becoming a better person in general. This is not a resolution, this is me changing my life. I do resolve to do one thing. My friend and I had a discussion a while ago, and then recently another one. He said I always tell people I hate them. I told him I do it out of love...I only say that to those I love. More discussion is realized, I send mixed signals, I shouldn't spread hate...spread love.

So from now more "I hate you"s to my friends, family, the people I love...I'll replace that hate with love. "I love you". I love all of you! You guys are are my are my heart. I can't make it without all the people who support me. I will never tell you I hate you again...even though I mean it in the most loving way.

Let's Party...

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  1. I am doing the same Steph. No resolutions, just me making the necessary changes to better myself. I was seeing the same pattern, same goals I want to reach. I believe that is because our goals are he kind that will always be ongoing (the most important ones. There's no such thing as perfection so I will always be a work in progress. Have a blessed new year love.