Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5 Minute Blogs: Computer Love

 Zapp and Roger were ahead of their time. This song was released in 1985. 1985!!!! You know what else came out in 1985? The movie "Weird Science". Now what baffles me is this use of the internet to meet women in 1985. I had no clue what a computer was until I was like 16 years old. I mean I saw computers, but I didn't know what "internet" was until what...1998 when I went to college. And I lost my mind.

The first thing I discovered that I could do on the computer was play spades. I wasted many days and nights playing epic spades battles on Yahoo! I became a fan of "double blind" suicide games. If you don't know, suicide is when someone on each hand goes "nil". Double blind means you bid nil without even seeing your hand. This was serious business on Yahoo! I mean games could go on for hours especially once they introduced ladders and rankings. Lord...I loved it.

Now serious business is finding love on the internet. It baffles me how popular dating websites have become in the past few years. When I listen to "Computer Love" I am like hol up...how were they talking and dating back then? There were webcams in the 1980s? E-Harmony? I mean how did this work? I am now convinced Zapp and Roger went to the future (which is now) and sent the song back to past (1985). How else could they accurately describe and convey how many people feel now? I sometimes find myself seeing a fly ass guy on the internet and I start humming "I want to love you baby".

But I am a punk. I am not going to holla at anyone on the computer. I feel like that's my last resort. All these people I know personally, I can't connect with one of them and fall in love? Apparently not. But I'll be damned if I spend money on the computer to meet someone. (Shout out to Branden: You my computer love tho...Let me upgrade you).


  1. 1998???? Where were you at? I was playing on AOL in 94, in my ghetto high school library. I was cool with the librarian and he would let me go online and see the world wide web.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Man..from 2000-2006, I was able to procure me plenty of love(sex) via the computer. It was perfect for my anti-social, awkward ass..

  3. I've been wondering how come none of the online dating websites haven't used this song in their ads....

    Same goes for HBO for not using "Gigalos Get Lonely Too" for their show "Hung"