Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Social Sites:This is for the Stalker In You...

Let me tell you something. I love twitter. I mean I LOVE TWITTER!  Out of all the social networks out there, twitter by far is my favorite, because it's like a gchat conversation with the whole world. Or an ongoing forum board. If you dislike twitter it's because of the following:
  1. You have loser friends who don't tweet cool shit.
  2. You follow 500 people and only have 5 followers.
  3. You are over the age of 40.
  4. You are a drug dealer or other type of street criminal.
  5. You dislike all social networks.
Recently I fell in love with Foursquare.  I truly feel like I am the person the developers of Foursquare had in mind when they made this application. There is something gratifying about checking in at random places to get imaginary badges that I can only see from my phone or foursquare page. I like being number one on the points list...but only the honest way. I hate it when people check in every 5 minutes. It's like "Damn this is just a game." I like Foursquare so much, I have came up with new badges in my mind AND a great idea for a contests that would require users to actually become patrons of certain establishments in order to win and progress in the game. The grand prize...well I won't say because you bastards won't steal my ideas! That's how much I love Foursquare.

The drawback? STALKERS! Now I have to admit, I have quite a few "stalkers" on twitter. For some reason at least once a week someone is telling me something that someone told them I tweeted yesterday, or last week or better yet...two months ago. *side eye* Where they do that at? There is also one person who replies to every tweet I make. My roommate thinks he's slow...so he gets a pass. If you are reading this...and you aren't slow, I'm sorry. Foursquare allows my stalkers to know where I am at any given moment if I decide to "check in". I feel a certain way about this so I never check in near where I live, and I always check in when I am leaving places. Unless it's a venue for a concert. Then I check in at that moment because I am 90% confident that I am safe in a room with 200 other people.

Then again...we did see Scream 2 or 3...which ever one had Jada Pinkett getting stabbed up in front of a movie theater full of people. I hope I don't get stabbed up in a room full of people because my ass is checking in at "BB Kings w/50 other people" just so I can unlock the swarm badge.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Like You...

I get lonely too.

The view from my new place:

Moving is hard as hell. I don't think I was ever going to be ready for this move.
It's been less than a week and I miss my old place with a passion.
I haven't cried yet tho.

P.S. Props to Drake for the remake. I still prefer the original version.  Download it here: Drake "I get lonely too"