Monday, September 27, 2010


Someone at my old job said that moving is one of the most stressful life experiences a person can have. At first I didn't fully comprehend that statement and now...I am engulfed in it. My last major move was 15 years ago when my mother decided to move my sister and I to Maryland. I was so upset at that move, and could not understand why my mother wouldn't just let me stay with my grandma in Virginia with my family and friends. Now, at *censored* years old, I can see how beneficial that move was for me. Starting new and fresh is sometimes necessary in order to grow and become the person we are meant to be.

On Friday I will be making another major move and I'll admit to everyone, I am scared and nervous. And because of that, I can not begin to pack. I have tried to start but each time I get overwhelmed, frustrated and disgusted. My apartment is a mess from me running the streets the past month, it looks like I am a hoarder in the making. I won't be living alone for at least the first 3 months of my move...which means I can't bring everything. Not that I want to. My mind keeps flip flopping between packing up everything and putting it in storage or just giving everything away and starting new. How do people figure this out? I have to be honest, the furniture in my house is valued at less than $500. So it's not like I am losing anything by giving it away (perhaps selling it...). But I mean, starting from nothing seems a bit too hard.

I have my current apartment until the end of October, which kind of upsets me but at the same time might be helpful. I actually moved into this apartment with nothing and was given my tv from a good friend named Kiron. I should probably ask him if he wants his tv back despite the fact it's broken. Hmmm....I want a new mattress so I should just throw mine out. Perhaps I should upload all my cds and sell them to the CD Depot?  I mean there is so much to decide.

I  put in my two weeks at my job. They told me not to come back last week on Thursday. At first I was pissed, that messes up my checks and pay. I had it all planned out and was hoping to bank that vacation check for my trip to Africa. However, they decided to put me on vacation for my last two weeks. Is that even legal?  Some people told me to fight it...I said fuck it. I'll keep it moving.

So this is where I am right now...Trying to pack for a move in 4 (or 5 days). This is extremely hard, and I am so stressed, I can't even figure out how to begin. Pray for me ya'll. The next time I blog, it will probably be my introduction to my "new" life and that will probably be the direction the blog takes. We will see...


  1. I've been there Stephs. I have moved around a few times but the last time I moved I kinda was in the same situation you were. Except for the fact that I barely had time to even stress about it because I had to do everything alone, in so little time. Just like you do now, so instead of stressing it, just start with one thing at the time.

    I put some of my furniture in storage at my brothers garage and gave away a lot. If I were you I'd make some people happy with the things, it made me feel good. Then I just grabbed what was most important and moved it all to where I am now. I basically had to start from scratch here but it was for a better cause.

    You decided to move, to take up this new opportunity, so you shouldn't even feel stressed or bad. You have to look at this as your new beginning, the reason why you did this in the first place. So make a list, put on top what needs to be done first. Prioritize the tasks and start going at it. Once you're halfway the list, you will feel good and more energetic. The longer you postpone this, the harder it will be. Plus it will give you way more stress when you move with loose ends at your old place.

    Its better to get everything done so you don't have to look back once you're gone. Trust me. You can do this. x

  2. Ahh, I have to move again in about three months. The last time was three years ago and it was soooo expensive. And this time I know I'll need some new furniture again, because some stuff is not really in good condition, and because I might have to move into a smaller place (still looking!). I am already really stressed out about this, so I know how you feel, but you know what.. at least it'll be over soon. Once you are in your new place and have everything you need you won't think about it anymore.
    You'll do fine! Just take Pay's advice and everything will be great. =)


  3. I think that you should take only what you need to take care of yourself - clothes,toilitries...and when you get to living by yourself buy new furniture - make a home for yourself - let it be an expression of who you are - all of who you are. Stay strong Sweetie, your future is ahead of you and I will be right here - no need to stress or be upset...I am right here - I am so very proud of you...What an exciting new time for you - and call me a lot! I love you - will miss you - I am scared and nervous to be without you BUT I know that you are a star - always have been yet remember that I am here and I'll be there too...come to see me on the week-ends when you can until you live alone and I come to NY and I will be coming to NY. Go for it baby ...when I first came to MD - I cried every day twice a day - on the way to work and on the way home..I felt the same way you do - I had 2 young children and I was not sure I had made the right decision for us but I knew I wanted more for you and your was a trying time for me. Now look at very proud of you! Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams Baby...

  4. I wish you peace of mind my friend. I lost all my s**t in a fire 3 years ago, and there was a point, where I moved about 5 times in a 3 month span, and it drove me crazy. But just know that its temporary..

  5. Moving is definitely a hard thing to done as I've done it many times within NYC as a kid and as an adult. I'm scared shitless for the most major move of my life to LA next year and as this year rolls to an end - I'm getting more and more freaked out.

    I think that one of the best things to do - as hard as it may be - is to not think about it so hard. Meaning, what you will take and what you won't. Make simple snap decisions. Do I need this? If you hesitate then more than likely you don't. Will I even use this again? If not - sell it. I put my sofa and love seat on craigslist and someone came to pick it up the same day.

    Damn, I'm crying just thinking about this move..see what you started?!
    Anyway - I'm here and am what people call - The Go To Person. I have ATLiens who hit me everytime they come here for places to go, places to eat etc...cmon son - you know we got your back.