Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Minute Blog: "Make It Happen"

I love 5 minute blogs! I wish this was my blog's theme. Maybe next time right?

Anyway earlier today I was writing a "review" for my book blog and I am kind of mad at myself. 100 books in one year and I am at 21. I have read a lot of books this year, way more than 21 but I have been slacking on writing my reviews. Either way quoting the crystal merchant from "The Alchemist" struck me hard again.

The crystal merchant says: "I am afraid that if I realize my dream I will have nothing left to live for." 

I read this in July. And I had an epiphany. Have I been sabotaging myself because I was scared to fulfill my own dreams and desires? Perhaps. It's very easy to blame others for your failure or misfortune. Countless times we say "oh I shouldn't have listened to (loser)" or "well if I leave my job they will be short" or something or another. Whatever we say to justify why we choose NOT to move forward with our lives.

I have to give props to those who identify their dreams and go after them no holds bar. I wish I had that strength. I have set countless goals for myself and a majority of the time I am successful. Only when I flake out do I fail. FACT: I can have anything I want to have and I can do anything I want to do. 

95% of the time, I get what I want 100% of the time!
Anyway moving forward, I have a lot of big things coming up. I haven't spoken on them publicly because I like things to be finalized and perfect before I do. I don't want anyone to see me fail. That is my own issue. When you think of Stephanie I want you to think of a winner.Cause that's what the fuck I am. DO BETTER.


  1. Wow, 100 books in one year? I know I'm not even going to make it CLOSE to 21, so give yourself some props!

    I think you're right about self-sabotage... I mean, I don't know about your situation, but I've been applying for jobs, desperately trying to get away from mine and every time I get an interview I just keep thinking about how much I DON'T want this new job. Of COURSE I want it, I just fear change! It was easy when I wasn't getting any calls, but now that I am.... nerves. Thanks for the post, it definitely helped me think about some things!

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  3. I totally agree with you girl!!! We tend to subconsciously limit ourselves, sometimes we realize what we are doing and stop but then there are the times when we don't realize until it is too late and have missed the opportunity! We should embrace all the opportunities life has to offer us and try to lives to the fullest!

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