Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kanye West and White People don't mix...

Kanye West is on twitter. Awesome.

I chose not to follow Kanye because half the people I already follow will retweet anything this dude hate, but I don't need to see but so much of Kanye. Plus he has too much confidence. I don't like it. And he might be the that's an issue too (#vexed). Anywho...Kanye who often time claims to be "original" pulls a Conan O'Brien and follows one person. This person is a kid named "Steven Holmes" and he's from Coventry...ole harry potter type place.
The moment Kanye follows this dude, he is inundated with comments and follows. He started with 68 followers, and is around 6550 now. The comments vary from nice like "Damn dude!" to rude and hateful "why the fuck is Kanye following this ugly ass nukka" (these are ACTUAL comments @ the dude). I am amazed...this is the most entertaining shit I have seen in a while. Kanye is your "god" and you are acting like pissed off angels because he chose a human over you. (How many will get this analogy?!?) So what Kanye chose a random person? Who cares? And what is with this begging and pleading for Kanye to follow you instead because you are cooler?

If you were "cooler" you wouldn't be begging celebs to follow you on twitter...
But I digress...the story gets more interesting. Unlike luckybuttons (O'Brien's chosen one)...Steven is in NO way interested being famous. He does not find this awesome at all. All this attention gets to be so much, he deletes his avy and stops tweeting...but doesn't delete his twitter (which I guess is too much like right...). It sucks for him. But with great "power" comes great problems. Kanye ruined this kid's life.

So the lesson learned...Kanye and white people don't mix. Anytime Kanye does something and a white person is involved...expect a problem. Maybe this is his intent. Maybe he wants to ruin white folks because "George Bush doesn't care about black people" or maybe it's because Taylor Swift won over Beyonce. At any rate...this dude has to deal with ignorant ass people every day because of Kanye West.

That sucks. Kanye West is right "No one man should have that much power!"


  1. >>> here <<<

    I didn't follow him because: 1)I technically do, too, already, from all of the retweets, 2)I still don't believe it's him, and 3) I don't like to feel any more poor than I do now. It's very counterproductive.

    I actually looked up that guy that he follows and stopped myself from doing exactly what I think Kanye wants us to do -- talk about him. I've already had a conversation over dinner with some friends about it, which is an indication of how much influence he and Twitter in general has on us. I like Kanye and actually missed him while he was gone, but I have to draw a line somewhere, especially when I don't trust people and their motives when I sense spaif (shameless promotion at its finest). Look forward to the tweets after 11ish. I'm posted in front of my tv. [holds head]

  2. great post. i choose not to follow kanye until he starts using twitter more responsibly/ my open letter to kanye i said him bragging about jogging in lanvin and not interacting with anyone on twitter is what makes him look like more of a douchebag.

    and yes, anytime there's a white person involved, expect for kanye to do some off the wall shit.

  3. For some reason I think Kanye's pulling our collective leg with his tweets. I'm waiting for the punchline.

  4. I didn't know all this occurred. I don't follow Kanye because frankly, I can't justify why I should, lol.