Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Minute Blog: "Signs of Love Making..."

"I'm a Capricorn, I came here to get managed..."

We all know Capricorn is the best sign because we are the smartest, most organized, and we start and end the year. But you know I read all these magazines and they do this "sexual compatibility" thing with astrological signs and it's never really right for me. Like earth signs go with earth signs...fire with fire. Yeah...no. However, I will admit that certain signs are like the BESTEST to me. If I meet a guy with a certain sign, I know of the bat what type of lover he may or may not be. So I am break it down...sign by sign.

  • Capricorns: I only slept with one. He was pretty straight forward, and cut to the case. I think that's how I am most of the time. Don't get it twisted...Capricorns strive for perfection...so they will do their best if they are feeling you but if we perfect something, we stick to it. 
  • Aquarius: I only slept with one again. He was...interesting. Slightly selfish. I once told him that I read in Cosmo that if you stick your finger in a guy's ass, it heightens their orgasm. He said "cool, let's try it." So take what you want from that.
  • Pisces: I don't think I know any male Pisces. Lucky you.
  • Aries: My high school Maryland sweetheart was a Aries. Rough and aggressive. That is all.
  • Taurus: My high school VA sweetheart was a Taurus. They are teachers. Very knowledgeable and they take their time. Love them.
  • Gemini: That old man I use to date in college was a Gemini. I was not impressed. Just because you are packing doesn't mean you don't' have to have skills. And I hate how Geminis have split personalities. 
  • Cancer: Cancers are love bugs! They act like they aren't but they like being romantical and taking time and doing things "at the right time" even if they are guys. I respect that. 
  • Leos: LEOS DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!! I honestly don't' have anything particularly great to say about them. Leos are generally selfish lovers...but if they think a certain move will work for you, that's the only one they will do with you. 
  • Virgo: I don't know. LOL.
  • Libra: I don't think I know any Libras period.
  • Scorpio: Every Scorpio I know is a freak. Whether I slept with them or not. Male or female. They are freaks. Just like freaks. And you wouldn't know it until you got in the bedroom with them. And then you're like "What is that swing for?"
  • Sagittarius: I am so in love with Sags. These men are probably the best lovers because they are no holds bar and will do anything...(not everything but almost everything) to please their lovers. And they are oh so passionate. and the best kissers. Period. 


  1. I loved everything except that lie about LEOS! Oh, and the part about Capricorns being the best sign...um...yea, no. Look up any thoroughly knowledgable AND older source and they will tell you that Leos are leaders of the zodiac. Hehehe, leave it to a Leo to post jack...

    Nicely written, and methinks I may owe you a "thank you" sometime in the near future. We'll see ;-)

  2. Hmm...the few Leos I know are big freaks but they are still selfish. Moreso focused on them...but I only slept with one. But I know YOU and I know Farrah and both of u are leos with blogs about sex. So there that is.

  3. finger in the ass huh? I'm still proud to be an Aquarius

  4. Ive said it before=-- some of the freakiest nastiest folks are Capricorns. damn.

  5. I'd like to know the zodiac signs of your parents...sounds like one of them is a Scorpio...am I right? Scorpio and Cancer make the best partners...in every aspect. Aquarians are selfish - in many ways - funny, they think that they are deep and knowledgeable but somehow they pale in comparison to the Scorpio - I am an not a fan of the aquarians - they also have a tendency to be sneaky...and yes, Scorpios are my favorite people...

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