Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's 5 am in the morning, do you know where your children are?

I can't believe my ass is up this early on a Sunday. I've actually been up since about 4 am and I have been contemplating making a cheeseburger the whole time. A cheeseburger, crab chips, and a vitamin water. Suffice to say, I haven't gotten out of the bed at all...but I did manage to turn on the computer to do some shopping on Piperlime. I need retail therapy.

This past week has been all types of busy. I  mean everything that could have happened this week HAPPENED this week. As a result, I've been sleeping these incredibly off hours. And now, I sit here watching "True Life: We are breaking up", reading twitter (why is Family Matters trending?!?!), and shopping. During several different debates this week I have been told "I like how you're being nonchalant", "Why are you acting like you don't care?", "Yo you got to do something about these f*ckers" "Steff you have to do BOTH of these presentations next week" . I don't have time for all this. I even told my boss that I don't think I want her job because these people are tripping (and I didn't really mean it but I was so overwhelmed that day that all I wanted to do was walk out and go home and lay down).

I honestly thought that going away last weekend would give me the much needed vacation I needed. (It was a lot of fun and shout out to everyone because all in all it was a great weekend). But I only came back more tired than when I left, a lot more broke, and behind on work. These people don't understand what its like to be me. Not that my life is horrible but damn...can a sister breath?

As a result...I end up awake at 5 am, NOW watching Rugrats, looking around for Tylenol PM so I can get a few more hours of sleep.

Life is so f*cking awesome.

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  1. Interesting - simple solution - do you. Take care of yourself in every aspect - to much personal life which sounds like a lot of it is not necessarily positive - which is why you probably feel overwhelmed - you have what it takes but when the attention is taken away and placed on other non-positive things or to many personal things coupled with work - it equals being overwhelmed. Do you and take care. You rock!