Monday, June 28, 2010

Chris Brown is on some old Carl Thomas Shit...

He's emotional!!!!
First off, I already KNOW there will be some hate on this blog and personally, I don't give a damn. Say what you will...I'm going to spit MY truth and reality.
Secondly...R.I.P. Michael Jackson. 

Last year when during the BET awards, I just KNEW Chris Brown was going to come out and represent. Anyway with eyes can see that Chris has been heavily influenced by Michael Jackson in the way he sings and dance. It only seemed right. But of course, there was that not so little incident with Rihanna a few months earlier...and because of that, Chris was not present to pay tribute in a way that only he could have. I was slightly upset. How is MTV gonna show up BET in a tribute? I mean BET is "Black Entertainment Television"...I am black and was hardly entertained.  But I digress...I am not surprised in the least that he didn't perform.

Fast forward to last night, and I am surprised and highly entertained. Chris Brown came out and ripped it (did you guys notice that neither Jay Z, Beyonce, nor Rihanna was in attendance...*team Jesus*). I was in my house singing and dancing along, happy that Chris finally got to do what he's been longing to tribute to the King (of Pop). As soon as the music dropped for "Man in the Mirror" I knew it was a wrap. This song makes ME cry so I can only imagine what it was going to do to this child...that's right CHILD.

Compared to me, Chris Brown is a child. Straight up and down. A child who made a foolish mistake. A child who will hopefully grow into a man who knows better and control his anger in the correct and proper way. The only person who knows the truth about that night is Chris, RiRi, and God. And only God can judge him. The problem is people are so quick to vilify this young man when they give praises to several other "women beaters" and "child molesters". Months leading up to the situation there were SEVERAL reports of Rihanna hitting on him and fights in hotel rooms, at beaches, at clubs...but pictures say 1000 words. Those pictures came out and it was a wrap for him. He gained some love when that cute white couple danced to "Forever" at their wedding.  That song ended up being #1 on itunes almost 2 years after it dropped. However he is still facing the backlash, and his videos and songs hardly ever air on tv or the radio. But I love the way I can hear R. Kelly every other day or see him singing about being a Pied Piper (oooh the ironies in life...). Again, I digress.

I don't condone what Chris did. But that boy is a child. And children make mistakes. I have been in his position. And I mean that in this MOST literal way. I know what it's like to allow someone to get you so upset that your only recourse is to lash out and smack someone. I know what it's like to feel like you have to fight to get your point across. Thank God for anger management. I know better now. And hopefully he will too. I have friends (female and male) who have been on both sides. Domestic violence is not a situation to be taken lightly. And I don't take it lightly...but when I saw that child crying last heart went out to him. Because not everyone knows that pain and turmoil and frustration that you feel inside...knowing you messed up, letting people down, being unable to release your stress/pain in a non violent they will talk about you and diss you when they have done far worse.

As this child continues to grow and move forward in the future, one can only hope and pray that he grows into a respectable man who knows that the correct answer is to always walk away. I think he gets that.


  1. His performance didn't bother me because of his past actions, it bothered me because he didn't sing. MJ could dance AND sing, and Chris Brown only got it half right..but I'm an MJ fanatic, so i'm biased. But you're right, he deserves the right to move on just like anyone else, and i'm glad he got that chance on a nationals stage

  2. I feel like he could have tightened up his emotions enough to get through the song, then cried at the end. I needed to hear him sing the song. He did a really good job, and all is nearly forgotten in my book, they're celebs, we may nail them to the cross, but we also take them down and help them rise again.

  3. Taken and backlinked. It was pretty much what I was gonna write.

  4. I liked his performance. Kinda happy he didn’t sing, seeing as he doesn’t have the best voice. I thought the emotion was genuine.

  5. light on light violence. *smh*

  6. it's like the darkness is the light...