Friday, May 28, 2010

Generally Speaking #5: "God Bless You, Don’t Let The Devil Catch You"

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date: 5-26-10
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"God bless you don't let the devil catch you".

That is a saying some people use when someone sneezes. It makes sense when you think about it. I am not holier than thou and I am not one who goes to church but I do believe in God. I admit at times I do have questions and I want more proof of his/her existence. I know these questions are answered, sometimes without me knowing. I do have faith in a higher power. I don't know if I believe in reincarnation or the afterlife or I should say I don't understand much about it but I do believe in a power higher than myself. I believe that the sun, moon, stars, water and the firmament was created by the Almighty Creator of all living things. Some call God, some call Allah, some call Buddha, etc. You have some folks who don't believe in God. They don't believe in a higher power. They think all this was created by man. They think that the human body just happened, it just created itself through some wonder of science. That would be God. But hey that just my opinion. I guess we all need some way to explain the unexplainable. So if you are a scientologist or an atheist then I guess all the answers would be in science like the big bang theory. Well I believe in good and I know evil exist. Do I blame God? No. Some ask "why does God allow so much suffering?" Only God really knows but people have written books and shot movies depicting their version. But here is my version; Our father who art in Heaven loves us so much that he let us be free to decide if we love him back. Why doesn't God make everything work perfect? I mean think about the glory you receive when you accomplish something or how it feels when someone in your family graduates or  excels in life. Well what about slavery? I don't think God allows evil, I think it is a part of being free. We are free to choose if we want to be good or evil, if we want to help or hurt. We are pretty much in control. We all know what happens when you lose control or you are a control freak. Its hardly ever a good turn out. People make situations better or worse. People with power take advantage of people who are not aware of their own power. God doesn't do that, people do. People want what they want, when they want it. Some lack compassion an thru their freedom began to warp into a conveyor of evil deeds, an agent for Satan.

God Bless you,Don't let the devil catch you

I say this because the devil works hard to trick us into thinking God does not exist. We judge happiness by the material wealth we have. That has nothing to do with God. On the money it says in God we trust, God has no need for a promissory note. In King James' bible it speaks about how the people wanted a king to rule over them. That makes sense. I know some folks who don't want the responsibility of being responsible and would gladly relinquish their power. But what happens when you give that power to someone else and they prove to be an agent for satan. Who is satan? satan is an angel who turned on his father and who hated the people because his father gave them so much even when they proved ungrateful. Yeah I know sounds like a movie don't it. But it makes for a good read. Its reflected in the relationships of today. Whether father and son, mother and daughter, amongst buddies etc. Satan is jealous and likes attention but apparently so does God. Satan likes to lie, cheat, steal. Satan likes to manipulate our way of thinking. Satan is relentless and doesn't have any love for us what so ever but tries to tempt us with promises of love and reward. Don't let the devil catch you or cause you to get caught up. 

What sense does it make to fall in love with materials that you can't take with you when you die. Its kinda F'd up right. You work all your life to acquire this great stuff that you can't keep when you move on. So people will be dividing your old belongings, fighting over them even as if you did it for them. Or you do like some folks do, write a will designating stuff to certain people. Either way its a morbid concept. I guess its whatever works for you. It is said in King James' bible that it easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven (Mark 10:25). You have some preachers who are abundantly wealthy due to their congregation. Jesus spoke to the poor underprivileged  folks. He went to the mountains he broke bread with the heathens and the homeless. He cured people free of charge. All you had to do was believe. I guess it became hard for us to believe. Because now we have the medicine to heal us and we don't sit with no heathens and to hell with the homeless. We have became self absorbed beings who have no faith and no appreciation for the blessing of life that God has bestowed upon you. Think of it as a test if you pass the test of life, then you can move to the next level just like a video game. Sound simple enough. Imagine if it really was this simple. Do unto others as you have them do unto you. Thou shall not kill. You know, stuff like that. I mean imagine if we followed the basic instructions before leaving earth (bible) as Killa Priest calls it. Or maybe we are satisfied with this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Maybe there is some scientific explanation for all the killing and despair. Or maybe it's in the water. As we advance in technology we lose more and more of our humanity. Computers become our god and we act as demi-gods who impose law and order on our subjects or followers (via facebook and twitter,etc.). We all have powers and even super powers. We just have to tune into it, find what we are good at, where we excel. We can use our power for good or for evil purposes. I admit sometimes I fall from grace and think about doing some evil sh*t to some people but I believe that this part of the test to fight those impulses. Some people cant help but to be or do evil. They are out of control. Or maybe they are in more control than we think. Hmmm.

I think overall I am a good person. I don't mean to do anyone any harm. I don't harbor any hate for anyone. I try to follow some sort of protocol for righteousness. But I am not here to judge the levels of holiness or Godliness. My body is my sacred temple. As I live I learn more about how to live. That's a blessing. My two children are a blessing and that's just part of it. Love feels good. I don't really like hate but I think its necessary. I often battle with evil and hatred. Trying to keep them off my back. Trying not to let them get the best of me and sway me towards its natural circumstances. I believe. And because I believe it fuels me this expedition called life. If this was a video game then lets say the winner gets to keep his soul and go on to the next of life. Whatever that may be it sounds better than eternal damnation. I guess it suits me to think that all bad people and heartless deeds will be vindicated thru nature. I believe this is how God designed it. So simple is life yet complex as a seed that holds the blueprint for life inside. Amazing architecture. God is Great. I am not trying to convert anyone. Come to think of it I don't even have a religion. I'm a BuddhaChristianRastaMuslim or an IslamicBuddhistRastaJew or something like that. No disrespect to anyone's religion. I believe there is a line between right and wrong, be it thin or broad and we have the option to choose what side suits us best. How beloved is that? Well I wont tell you what to use your powers for. I'm still learning how to harness my own. But good luck in finding yours and may God Bless you don't let the devil catch you!

General Steele    


  1. Man was given free will...but sometimes it seems that doing the "wrong" thing is the only "right" way to make it. Trying to stay in a certain lane all the time can get frustrating.

  2. I think this is my favorite. There is a book called "The Case for Faith" by Lee Strobel. Strobel was an atheist who set out to disprove religion (mainly Christianity). Throughout his journey, he became moved by the spirit of God. I point this out because he writes a chapter on Why does evil exists if God is omnipotent and omniscience. Faith leaders taught him that without bad in the world, people who not appreciate the good or God. Kind of like a child who is giving everything they ever wanted...they don't appreciate it and get mad when they can't get their own way.

    but I agree with anonymous above, man has free will and it's up to each person to decide what path they will ultimately follow.