Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Generally Speaking #4: "No Just Us, No Piece"

Time: 10 am
Date: 5-10-10
Place: my living room
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"No Just us, No Piece"

There is no "just us" and there will be no piece for any of us if we can't work together.
If it was just us we would be able to work through some of the social obstacles that hold us back as a people.

Communication is a key to unlock marvelous possibilities. Do we communicate well with our significant other, our children, family, friends, co-workers, strangers? Do we understand what Bob Marley meant when he sang "it don't rain on one man’s house top"?

How often do you talk to your neighbor? Or the elder that you always see looking mean on the block? Do you know anything about these people you see and bypass everyday in your community? Do you see the young black male with the slight scowl and label him or her a thug?

Have you ever given a piece of yourself free of your heart with no ulterior motives or desires?

It's tough because we all want to be compensated for giving or "helping" but imagine if we did it without thinking or expecting something in return....
What would that produce?

Imagine if we knew all the people in our neighborhood, not to be in everybody's business, but I've heard that it takes a community to raise a child, but now it seems that our children are sent out into the wilderness to fend for themselves.

The civil rights leaders marched arm in arm and hand in hand with the people in the 60's to topple many adversities and civil injustices. The popular rally cry was "No Justice, No Peace". There where riots and protests some peaceful some bloody. Dr. Martin Luther King was hit with a brick during one of the many peaceful protests.

What this did was open a portal for people of color to communicate about the problems they shared and to devise real solutions for these real problems.

Seems like that portal has narrowed if not closed completely over time.
Today the popular cry is "Imma Do Me" or "Get Yours" with a "f**k the world don't ask me for sh*t" type of attitude.

Is everyone out for self? I do believe in do for self but I don't believe we can do it by ourselves.
I mean we don't live on God’s green earth alone. There has to be a reason why there are other people that exist. So many different people. So much to experience. What's to expect from that which you know not?

How can we get a piece of life or a slice of life?

I think life is for the living. You have to experience it to enjoy it. Get out and see what life has to offer you. Or what you can make out of your life. Get on line for your piece of the pie.

"Share and share alike." To live as a community is to live in common unity as one, Just Us.

We are all different yet we are all the same in humanity. We all want a piece or at least our fair share if not more. We think that a piece will give us peace. Some even think you can bring about peace by using a piece or some weapon. This can have many understandings.

Everything in nature is cyclical. Give to the earth and the earth will give back unto you.
We have to practice getting along with Just Us meaning us as a people (all people) as communities, families, etc, in order to really get a piece of the lot.

African Americans where promised 40 acres of land and a mule to begin their start as free settlers in certain parts of America. Needless to say there where African Americans in various parts of the U.S. that where already very well off who lived and worked amongst whites.

It’s up to us (the people) to work the land, to feed, clothe and school the babies, to police our hoods, to govern our cities, to run our grocery stores, to clean our streets, to care for our elderly, it’s Just Us.

It's up to Just Us (We the people)
There will be no peace until we get a piece.....

No Peace
General Steele


  1. Every day when I come and go I always greet everyone in my path. I used to be so offended because at times people would look right in my face and not say hi back. I now do not let it bother me because I know that it is bigger than me. I believe we have to get past peoples personalities and LOVE them for who they are. Just smiling and saying hi does more then we think! The seperate, me vs. them , men vs. women has to stop if we are going to heal. We wonder why our children are filled with so much hate. They are just a reflection of their environment. I can go on and on! Great post Steele.

  2. Good post Steele. Nice to see you back. I think technology has caused the decline in communication. People don't like to talk anymore, they too busy texting, or playing games. And there is a lot of lost respect for the elders, no one cares about the "old times" anymore. I think we do need to start working together in order to rise as a community.

  3. It is written, "A house divided can not stand" and it is home, 1st, where beliefs, morals, values, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom begin. As we build a solid foundation and construct disciplines needed to live within our circumference, only then can we interact this amongst our neighbors and outer communities. However, each house must be on one accord with this building. For it is also written "That two can not walk unless they agree." Once our homes are in order first, then the implementation of getting a piece with peace will benefit not just us but everyone. You only reap a harvest with the seeds you have sowed.

  4. Thanks again Steele. Excellent point @above. The problem is deeper than people working together in the communities. Inside individual houses people are unable to work together, so how can we expect families who can't get along at home to get along outside and in neighborhoods.

  5. Thanx Steph
    thanx Tasha
    and everyone else for all your input
    communication makes the world go 'round

    God Bless

  6. great post my dude..if you dont mind..i will re-post this on my blog..i will credit you for your writing of course..