Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Ass so phat that you can see it from the front..."(c) Mos Def

You already know what it is. (and this is a somewhat collaborative blog because this one will lead into the next one...)
And this is by no means any DISRESPECT. I love Sister Erykah. She is a breath of fresh air, deep, intriguing and real. She is also at the center of a lot of controversy. I am sure many of you have seen the video for "Window Seat" (and if will be posted a link at the end). Many were confused, and many applauded. As she began to strip down I was curious as too how much I'd get to see. I was girl crushing ALL over her, hoping to see a peak and totally disregarded the song and the overall message. I forgot the news airing clip at the beginning and was totally oblivious to the fact that she was walking down Elm Street to the mark where JFK was assassinated.

Then it happens:

At this point, I am no longer interested in the song (which is one of my favorites off the cd) but I am like "Snap is she gonna get naked..." and I am literally nose to screen with the computer like a pervert who just got out of jail. I am so ashamed.

Moments later I, along with countless others, are discussing the stripping scene...not the whole message behind the video. I mean I got it and that was cool and all but she was UNDRESSING...forget everything else.

Revisiting the video and seeing her tweet ( I realize that I was too focused on the wrong thing. I didn't even notice the words "Groupthink" at the end...and then the movement begins. Everyone discussing and talking about it. And of course, I was caught up in the mentality that made me focus on her body and not her words.
If asked to name my three top songs by her I'd say "On & On", "Next Lifetime", and "Penitentiary Philosophy". Then I'd name three more that are just as good. Then I'd name three more. So I am not caught up on her looks and her body...but that's what got me.

Now people are wondering if she went to far...who knows?!?! The message was lost on many, but I'll let the Brother Steele discuss that in his next feature...But for now, visit her site and enjoy:  (click the Ankh and the video will start)


  1. not to be mannish but the booty focus is so not wrong. besides the big country booty that most people pay for, because people have put her in this neo-soul, earthy box, it is so unexpected to see her getting naked in public.

    that's a message in and of itself. we want out singers, actors/actress and athletes to fit in these categories and when they act out of those characteristics that WE'VE set for them, we are shocked and appauled.

    i like the video and once i got past the booty focus to see the message, i liked it even more!

    "Badu got a big ol' butt! OOOH YEEEEAH!"

  2. Steph - I've told you this before, It's ok to be atracted to women but I've been noticing you talk more and more about it....LMAOOOOO

    Anyhoo - The issue I had with all of this is this: Everyone is used to her being covered up. Whan have we ever seen her in anything that wasn't loose fitting? So her sequel to her last albums drops and all of a sudden shes not only showing ass but getting butt ass? CMon Son. I feel like she's selling out to sell out records this time around. WHen I saw her on Jimmy Fallon I was like wow - word E? We performing in leotards and tights now? I was looking for Beyonce to crash the show.

    The vid is alright I guess but hey I guess she feels like thats what she had to do to make sure them album sales get up. To me she's not about the art anymore and I can't even front like I'm widdit bc I'M an artist. Needless to say, I can't buy that album, I'll see her on Limewire. I'm not buying the act fam.

  3. Not to mention the whole bit of being slain where JFK was....

    I found that disrespectful.

  4. I am wearing nothing but black panties from now on. I will admit that this was a stunt to draw attention to herself, the album, and group think. I don't think she'd be getting this much play if she hadn't stripped. She actually "borrowed" this video and the guys who stripped did get arrested.
    I don't know what's up...maybe she is embracing her body. Initially I was going to do this Nicki Minaj vs Lady Gaga vs E Badu thing. Since that's where ppl were taking it. But Badu has substance behind her words...I can't group her with them.

    but yeah...this was a shock. Which will lead into the next blog to be posted Sat or Sun.

  5. this may be a little biased, considering i pray to Erykah right after i pray to Oprah twice daily...but i think those of you that are saying that this video is some type of "stunt" should look at the message of the video.
    what i got mainly out of the video was what was written on her back-"EVOLVE". you (she, everyone) cannot stay in some box forever; she (we, no one) can stay the same way that everyone wants them to be for the rest of their lives, and thats way to much expectation for an artist. she evolves and changes, and explores different outlets for her emotions, opinion, whatever...
    in additon, she stripped for maybe 20 seconds of a 3 minute video, which we only saw the back/side view of. it wasn't a frontview that you can download uncut; she isn't posing for Playboy, XXL, or Complex anytime soon (that i know of), she isn't shakin anything fast up against some man's crotch, and she isn't overshadowing her art by her body or sex appeal. yes, she may have had on something skin tight on Jimmy Fallon, and on Wendy Willians she had on a coat over an oversixed dress, and on 106&Park, she had on 2 hoodies and sweatpants. Badu is an artist that is evolving and that is it.

    its also interesting how anytime a woman gets naked its assumed she's trying or doing something sexual. can it not be that she's exploring societal norms concerning clothing? concerning freedom? concerning taboos?
    EVOLVE people.