Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are Blacks Genetically Dumber?

I don't know where to begin with this. For those who haven't heard about the controversy with the 3L law student at Harvard, click here: Harvard Law School 3L Racist Email. When I first read about this story, I was not the least bit surprise or blown away by the fact that a white female law student at Harvard would believe this to be true. I was somewhat amazed by her rationale: "Irish people tend to have red hair" "African Americans people tend to have dark skin" (really?!?! Most African Americans I know aren't hardly "dark" skinned). Her logic leads to the postulate that "African Americans tend to be not as intelligent as Caucasians".  WORD?

I don't have the time to debate her "logic" and it's pointless. She has to be at least 25 years that the opinions that she has formed are pretty much set in stone. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. And by old dog, I mean racist bitch. But that's neither her nor there.

My problem with this line of thought is that Africa is the birth place to civilization and black people were robbed of their heritage. A heritage that had a written language, mathematics, art, and architecture. Africans/Blacks knew about irrigation and farming and were hard workers. That's why our people were stolen (sometimes sold) by slave owners. America wouldn't be shit without Africans. And if you take a good look around to ancient civilizations, you will see that it's the "minorities" that had the greater understand of the world and how it worked. Not the Greeks, Romans, whoever in Europe who came to Africa and Asia and STOLE all this information and passed it off as their own. Look at the architecture in Africa, Asia, and South America. The most perfect buildings in the world are the Great Pyramids. And I don't mean they are just architecturally beautifully, but their position and size give praise to Astrology/Astronomy and Mathematics. Black people built the pyramids with NOTHING yet these smart White people can't replicate them with all the technology they have "invented" over the years. Yet black people are "genetically dumber."

Our people did that.

I don't care what anyone people, you aren't dumb. A bit misguided, a bit broken down, A LOT destroyed from years of oppression. But far from stupid. Black people are the most innovative and one of the most strongest group of people to even continue in this struggle we call life after our community, our traditions, and our livelihood has been ruined. I don't like to think that one group is "better" than another group. People will always fall along the spectrum...there are some smart ones, some dumb ones, and some in the middle. But to think a whole group of people is beneath you is disgusting. And this one day will be a feature lawyer. Let's just hope she's not in Criminal Law.

Well, there is some hope for us genetically dumber black people. And that's Katie Washington. The first black Valedictorian of Notre Dame. 

But then again, maybe she's mixed and some of that smart white knowledge rubbed off on her.

NOTE: this is another thrown together blog. It's probably real incoherent but I don't care. I am in the midst of helping my boss with a progress report so please "excuse me if I go to fast."

Edit: So the culprit of this email has been identified. Her name is Stephanie Grace (*hangs head in shame. Not a Stephanie*) and she apparently has a degree in Sociology!  Ironically we were just talking about this at my job the other day, how some people (key word: SOME) feel the need to help the "poor black people" because we have lost our way. Read about her here: Meet Stephanie Grace


  1. You make absolute sense Steff. Some people don't know these things because they are too wrapped up in HIStory rather than actual facts. Good blog, great info. Bless Up!

  2. the funny thing is this chick is so arrogant that she thinks her enrollment in law school qualifies her as a genetic scientist. the sad thing is when black people say dumb shit, we shake our head in disappointment and hope that their misrepresentation doesnt set back our whole race 1,000 years. when white people say dumb shit, there's always another stupid white person to back them up. seems to me we could argue this either way.

  3. The letter writer should stick to the law and leave science alone.Can we confuse genetics with statistics.

    Different races are often pre-disposed to certain diseases for whatever the reason may be. Even something where pre-disposition CAN be blamed on genetics (ie. skin cancer), the ultimate culprit is still environment or socio economic reasons and not the lower or higher concentrations of melanin itself.

    The internet is blessing and curse.

  4. WOW! LOL @ her name being the same as yours Steff. You are right as a people (meaning black people) we built communities from nothing! This is what happens when people are not taught their history. As black folks we have to keep our stories going so no one will forget who we are and what we come from!

  5. Not to be racist, but if blacks were smarter or as smart they would not be so dominated and taken advantage of today and the past. This is just common sense.

  6. "Black people built the pyramids." LOLOLOLOL Egyptians would like to have a word with you.

  7. Oh God get it together Anonymous...first off Egypt is in Africa. Secondly...while some Egyptians are descendants from Middle Eastern nations, most aren't.

    Get it together.

  8. Yeah, Egypt may be part of the African continent, however, it is classified as being part of the Middle East. The Egyptian people aren't black, nor are they white. Blacks also don't make up the majority there, and the blacks there are likely immigrants from the surrounding black areas.

  9. Your whole idea that everything was stolen from the blacks also irks me. First of all, who's to say that they developed irrigation first? To say that the concept of irrigation was stolen from Blacks (since race is obviously the only thing that matters to you) is absurd. It's been made clear that civilization began in the fertile crescent. None of the racial groups in those areas are black. If blacks in sub-Saharan Africa developed irrigation and all these factors that contribute to civilization first, then why the hell didn't any civilizations ACTUALLY emerge from sub-Saharan Africa?

    Now let's assume that blacks did actually develop irrigation methods. Who's to say that people in other parts of the world didn't do the same. For instance, Indians in areas like the western United States and central America used the same methods. Are they idea thieves because they did it, too?

    One final point: let's look back at Egypt. They are essentially their own racial classification, although I'd point towards them being middle-eastern. Now let's say they used black slave labor to build the pyramids. Did the slaves come up with the mathematics required to build the pyramids? No; they were the men told what to do by those who came up with the ideas. Think of it this way: I come up with a a great new method of making crayons. So I start a crayon company. I hire workers to operate the machines, because I'm only one man. I can't do everything.

    Who came up with the crayon making method? Who started the company? I did. Not the workers.

  10. Granted - I'm a little behind stumbling upon your poorly crafted jumble of words, but so was the article you procured. You must of missed,2933,302836,00.html - James D. Watson, 79, co-discoverer of the DNA helix and winner of the 1962 Nobel Prize apparently agrees. But it was real classy for you to classify this 'Stephanie' as a, quote, 'racist bitch'. That's what you called her, correct? Ahem, verbatim, 'racist bitch', when her comment wasn't racist at all. It appears the article by Dr. Watson may hold some water after all, because you're one incredibly stupid human.

  11. - Ah, and the 'oppression' card being played. The Jews were enslaved first - for longer - and endured far more than blacks. Odd that I don't see them playing such regurgitated bullshit. Racism, oppression - oh, give me a break. Enjoy the verbal shit kicking, I assure you that I won't return here to see your reply. You're probably too stupid to understand it all anyway =/

  12. Because my skin is brown, I'm gonna do the town - Q-Tip from 'A Tribe Called Quest'

    I'm brown too but not Black brown, I'm Indian brown. I believe in unbiased logic, and here it is:
    -Chinese, Indians, Middle Easterners and Whites gave the world culture and civilization. The Egyptians (of Pyramids fame) were mostly Arab-Berber-Jew-White mix, so you can NOT call them black, only a very small percentage was black. The true blacks, that is, Sub-Saharan Africans, have given the world very little more that Homo Erectus did. Not hatin', just telling the truth. Take it for what it is. Sorry. The truth hurts but it shall set you free also.