Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Black Girl Day!!!

I'm a happy black (and natural) girl. Or moreso a woman but that's just semantics.

I log onto twitter every morning and to my surprise I am seeing a lot of #happyblackgirlday and #HBGD and I am like "How did I miss THIS holiday?" I am all about giving praise to my beautiful sisters and supporting them in what ever they do. Then I found the originator of this day, a beautiful blogger who stole my heart a few months ago (but she doesn't know it) and I love her blog (which is called The Beautiful Struggler ...a girl after my own heart). So I peeped her blog on Happy Black Girl Day and smiled. I think it's about time we something for ourselves. I think a lot of time black women carry the worries of the world on their shoulders. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, caretakers, teachers, nurses...everything. Someone asked me on formspring why black women were so hard on black men and I wanted to get pissed. But then I realized today was not the day and that was not the place. Black women want our men and our families to succeed...and if we have to push you to greatness and be mean in the process, so be it. I think a good friend of mine said recently  "Greatness waits for no one" (I am sure that's a well known quote but for all intents and purposes). I want my people to be great. spirit of today I think that all my happy black girls out there should celebrate being black and strong and proud. Hold our heads high and strut like the QUEENS we are. I urge everyone to treat themselves today. Buy yourself something nice, or fix your favorite meal. Perhaps you can go home, run a bubble bath, put on your favorite cd (Amerie's "All I have" is sounding good to me...) and relax. Cherish this day as yours. I think we all deserve it.

Why am I a happy black girl? 
  • I have a great family
  • I have great friends
  • I am alive 
  • I have a good job
  • God found favor in me to allow me to see another day alive
I love my beautiful black sisters. I hope you love yourself too!

New blogs coming soon on various patient. But we are very busy people but we got you.

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  1. ain't never lied. I give it up to the sisters forever. My mama was Why not?? Lol. But, enjoy the day and I'll past this post along to some more ladies that NEED to see it.