Friday, March 19, 2010

Generally Speaking#2: Are We Going Crazy?

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Is it just me
or are we all going CRAZY !?

A friend of mine who is in the military said he had just gone for psychological evaluation. When he told me I was a little shocked but I chose not to ask any questions. I figure if he has something to open up about , then probably best to just let him talk. But I was bugging a little bit. 

He said there wasn't anything wrong with him and he just wanted to get some answers. Maybe hear something else from some outside entity with no personal involvement whatsoever.
Either way it struck me as little odd. i couldn't help but to think the military may have gotten to him a bit. That's my boy. Besides that he just started . All i could find the courage to ask was ,"how old are you?..."

"25" he responded. "I just turned 25"

"you're mad young " I said

"Yeah", he said "but I just need to hear something else like..."

I understood but I couldn't really understand.
I mean you are young, ya life just started you don't have many problems but for some reasons you feel you need psychological evaluation.
I can respect that.

Its better than you coming home from the military, (and need I mention that my friend didn't go to war per say, but he did serve as a guard for various ops that he could not mention)
but its better than coming home and killing random people like Colin Ferguson or the recent Major incident at Fort Hood where Major Nidal M Hasan, who was also a Doctor snapped and killed 12 people and wounded 31 others.
Not saying my boy would wild like that
but sometimes I got to ask "Are we going crazy?"
I mean are we all just going crazy and we don't know it?
I mean I want some answers too (but to what?) 

where do i start?

I can't lie sometimes I be feeling crazy
I be going thru some wild ish that have me thinking "this gotta be unreal" or too real for that fact.
Thank God I manage to pull it together, at least enough to keep it moving
But when I look at my boy or when I listen to my friend I cant help but to think: "what if we cant pull it together and we just snap"

Will we be able to prevent it?
Will we be able to pinpoint it?
Will we be able to express it in a positive way?

When I look around today I cant help but to take notice to the fact there are more and more atrocious crimes being committed  as well as more desperation, depression, scandals to say the least .
I don't know if I am reading the news or a tabloid sometimes
I watch the news and they are reporting on peoples twitter
I guess that's news also.

When I think about the day to day worries every average individual may have to incur I become overwhelmed,
Then when I think about the countless amount of folks who continue to go on each day or the people who survived beneath collapsed ruble due to the earthquakes in Haiti for days and weeks even after the search was called off.
We are survivors of some of the most cataclysmic occurrences in history to date.
Yet are we are victims and very well may be perpetrators of even more indescribable events that have shaped our very way of living.

Its hard not to feel a little crazy sometimes or to feel like your going to snap any minute.

I mean whom of us is really exempt. Which of us really have our chi down packed in which to avoid the climatic breaking point.
Whether its an annoying boss or crappy job, a nagging wife or husband, kids, baby mamma/daddy drama, finances, bills, sheer bad luck or whatever or maybe just the day to day hustle and bustle of trying to be progressive and productive and forward your career or advance your life,or maybe your just fed up. That's when the pressure builds.
Really at any given moment for any potential reason in any accommodating climate or scenario any one of us could snap.

With the right amount of pressure. It's kind of like Melly Mell said "Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge...I'm trying not to lose my head..."

Its been said that many of our great scholars, artist and even musicians may have been a little nuts or ultimately driven mad.
And if we look today we can see living testaments to that in some of our artist and musicians  today to say the least.
I look out my window, I watch the television ,listen to the radio, read the paper and I find more than enough evidence to support the theory that we're going mad.
"Man kills wife, wife kills husband, child slain, man jumps, women hit by train, law maker breaks the law, war, poverty, disease, hormones in the food, in the water, earthquakes ,brother killing brother... WAIT!"
that sounds like REVELATION...

The thought alone is enough to drive Bill Cosby to say "What the F**K!"
Or Zen master Russell Simmons to yell "These M**** is F*** CRAZY as a M****!  
If he hasn't already.

I mean its all enough to drive any "sane" person over the edge. But for us who think we are the "sane" ones I ask "Are we really crazy and just don't know it?, how do we know, do we know our breaking point, will we be able to prevent it, curtail or direct it in a positive fashion?
Will the twig bend or snap?
Will we resort to medication which is the obvious choice
or will we embrace meditation."
Either way this beloved system has places for the clinically and the criminally insane.
Not to mention enough drugs to medicate a country.

A friend of mine told me about his buddy who has a 15 year old. The 15 year old had a problem with how the teacher was teaching so some minor disorder occurred which led to the boy being sent to the school psychiatrist. The boy was asked a series a questions, with out parental consent or supervision might I add. Obviously the boy was angry but when he was asked did he think about death he replied "yes". From where? 
The video games that he plays day in day out. (see: Halo, Call of Duty...u get the picture)
The next question was tricky do you feel suicidal he was asked. "I think so " he responded.
This answer led him right to the psychiatric hospital.
With real crazy people......for real.
The boy was shocked to say the least.
He had no idea his words would wind him up in here.This was the real deal.
His father found out later and you can imagine his anger. This incident allowed the law to come in and inspect this mans home and ask him questions about his lifestyle and income citing his Range Rover in the driveway  one cop stated "What do you do,you got a Range Rover?"
The nerve.
That sh*t make me crazy
But I can't blame either side.If you are the law, then you have to check it out even though we cant catch em all.
Like the father who shot his 16 year old son to death only after making him strip and walk to his death after finding out that the boy had admitted to molesting his 3 year old sister.

THAT'S CRAZY! WHAT MADNESS.....360 degrees of Insanity

But oddly founded that it may be this same madness that drives us to succeed and pushes us to new limits and bounds that show the continuous evolution of man/woman in society as a whole.
As some say "you got to be a little crazy to deal with this or put up with that".

A famous singer said " let's go crazy, lets get nuts " ...Prince

He was talking about good and evil (in my opinion) amongst other things I'm sure...BUT...
He was talking about if the elevator (of life) ever try to bring you down then "Lets Go Crazy".


General Steele 


  1. I feel where you come from on this joint. We all have been fed so many different things that our focus is as spread as the news reports. CONFUSION keeps the POWERFUL one step ahead as well as that neccessary step behind to cover up tracks. Keeps the public stagnant and dazed. We are all inhabitants of the universe. the sky has no limit and neither does our potential!!! Forget AMERIKKKA

  2. I already told you I love this blog. It's hard to maintain a type of sanity in this world when so many things can (and do/and are) going wrong. It's troubling to turn on the news at times and see people killing people, catastrophic natural disasters, and the like. It is enough to make anyone crazy.
    There are times when I'm alone and my mind races on what the world is becoming. and it almost feels like you have to become crazy and put up a guard to protect yourself from the madness of others.

    I don't know...

  3. Thank you for this opportunity Steph!

  4. still thinking about it....reading it is therapeutic though

  5. Great blog. It is a lot to think about. The best thing is to know the signs and then to know what to do about it. The brain is a complex system of neurotransmitters that need to be in the proper working order. Things like our environment, improper sleep and poor diet can contribute to poor mental health & stress levels. Meditation is a great tool, it gives the brain a chance to clear itself of the stress & clutter. Needless to say that drugs & alcohol are also bad for our brains neurotransmitters. These chemical breakdowns could lead to other diseases.