Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Generally Speaking: Why should I go on living?

Date: 2-23-10
Time: 7am
Mood: Blessed
Why should I go on living? 

Before I can answer that, or even begin to ask that
I must recall what the bible says in Genesis 2:7 : "Then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breathe of life, and man became a living soul".  

Imagine that.

Also I have to consider Genesis 1:27 "And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created he Him. " Wow!

I(we) was created by God in the same image as God?!
That's an immaculate conception
So The Almighty Creator of All Living Things created me(we) man in His image on the 6th day right after he made the Heavens and The Earth,
He said "Let there be light", saw that it was all good,
split the waters from the firmament, made all the animals
and then made me (we)

Man to inherit this and be sort of like the caretaker of the world he has created for me (we) ?!
what an amazing gift
what can top that
a diamond?How bout a lot of diamonds
but where can i find diamonds..............wait a minute diamonds are found in the Earth that God created for me (we) and entrusted me (we) to take care of.
That's pretty awesome

So its like anything that I (we) could possibly need or want exist in this Earth that God has created for me(we)
and told us to be fruitful and multiply and to live in abundance.
So you mean to tell me out the millions of little sperm cells that fought to exist I am the only one who made it?
was is it destiny?

That's a big responsibility
I don't know if I can handle ALL that...why me?!
I mean I ain't no religious buff or anything like that
does God choose some and not others?

why? and how do we know?

I know many have questioned Gods very existence
I may have been guilty of this at times in the past while whirl winding thru one of my many extremely  emotional bouts with what I call the struggles of life.

You know the things we tend to see more and more of, the positive and the negatives of life.
From poverty, homelessness, depression, hopelessness, hatred, killings, crimes, discrimination, war, suffering, etc.,on
to the hopeful, hardworking, loving, caring people who dedicate their every fiber to educate and help the people
and to just create a place for us all
as I believe God intended to do.

Why should I go on living?!

Who am I to question that? 
which was given as a gift by the Almighty Creator
consider those who didn't make it
or those who suffered great for the sake of me (we) to be here
And lets not forget the mothers who bear us for 9 months in their womb allowing nourishment, safety, and love while enduring immense physical pain as well as other changes.
Such strength should never go unappreciated

It would be selfish of me to look down upon this gift of life which was given to me (we)  by God! Wow!
I must be special to have made it this far
I hope my Father/Mother can be proud of me(we)
I will do my best
to go on living
if not for myself , then for my Father/Mother
and if not for my Father then for my sons
for they to will bear the toils which there father endured
I pray they are strong enough and like any father I pray that they love me and I love them
and that we should continue to keep on living as we are all Gods' children.
Go on and Live...and Give Thanx and Praise to The Father

General Steele 

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Blogger's Note: From now until an undetermined amount of time, General Steele (of Smif N Wessun fame) will be contributing to my blog. If the response is good, we will continue to expand and build on this partnership. I'd like to thank the General for donating his time and words. He recently dropped an album (cop that on Duckdown, Itunes or Amazon) and I know his time is precious. Salute!


  1. Salute General! This was a very interesting piece. I think we all question our position in this life at times. It's hard to figure out what path we should be on. But I guess that's life.

    The album is dope.

  2. I used to have the biggest crush on you as a teenager lol! It has blessed my heart to know you are well and still look good:)

    Finding our purpose is an awesome journey. Finally being at home with who we are is a gift from GOD and is enough reason to continue living. I love how you spoke of life and how special our lives are to GOD. Knowing out of all the people in the world my life still has meaning. Thank you brotha Steele, this as blessed my heart.

  3. Good Blog General as always... I already told u before u need to write a couple of books....:) @ Natasha, I feel u on the teenage crush..LOL
    Glad to see Steff(lovelyone) & you collab on such a positive perspective of life...
    You don't have to be a religious buff to understand, appreciate or be thankful of the blessings of life everyday.. We all should have our own personal relationship with GOD and thats what matters the most.
    I enjoy reading your articles and blogs.. very enlightening :) as well as your new Album which is in constant rotation on the IPOD:) Keep doing what you do, many blessings to you and yours....Peace