Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What is Lent?
Lent is the 40 leading up to Resurrection Sunday where followers of Christ take time to pray, fast, repent, and reflect. I hate the term "Easter" because there is nothing Christian about Easter (and truth be told, I think that added to my termination at my former job. I told them Easter was Pagan. Note to others: Do not talk about religion at work. Ever. ). Lent is technically 46 days but Sundays do not count because they are "mini Easters".

Lent in America starts on Ash Wednesday which is (today)  February 17 this year. Passover Friday (the day that it is believed Yeshua died) is on April 3 and Resurrection Sunday is on April 5.

Last year for Lent I gave up Myspace. I was surprised at how easy it was. Myspace fell off a while ago and I was holding on to it like a child holds on to a raggedy teddy bear. Surprisingly after Lent was over, I logged on and was like not impressed. Now I probably log on once or twice a month because I do some work over there. Other than that, I am not interested at all.

This year I decided I need to challenge myself. I want to do the whole soda thing but honestly, that never works. The past few weeks I have been sick of meat. I go through phases when meat is no longer appealing or appetizing to me. However, I have not mastered the art of using vitamins and balancing my diet so that I won't go into anemic shock so for now, that's out. My best friend Pam and I are doing this "No Shopping" Challenge which lasts until March, but we will probably extend that for another month or so. I want to plan a nice trip to a beach for later in the year so that should be motivation to save more money.

I was debating back and forth and Pam tells me to give up one meat. And I am thinking about my elevated blood pressure (last I checked 125/90 which is pre-hypertension) and my high ass cholesterol (198 last time I checked, so it's getting lower) and figure that's probably for the best. I decided to give up Pork.

Pork chops is literally my favorite meal. I am in love with bacon. And any given day you can catch me smashing a hot dog with ketchup, mustard, and chili. But this isn't suppose to be easy. I love you pork but I love me more. So for my health and my faith, peace.


  1. I think Im going with soda and sweets...

  2. Hi. Just a curiosity. Do u have to give up something to go through Lent? Is it like sacrificing something that u like to cleanse ur soul or something? Sorry, I know nothing about Lent. Sorry if I sound stupid or ignorant :(.