Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adventures in the ER...

The past month or so I haven't been feeling 100%. No, let me be honest...I haven't felt 100% for MONTHS now. The last time I went to the doctor she mentioned I was stressed, my heart rate was elevated too amongst other things. I said I'd calm down and relax. And I tried.

The past week I've been getting extra anxious. I finally call the new doctor's office and get an appointment for Wednesday. On Wed, I hoped my happy ass on the bus and rode for two hours to see the doctor, only to get off at the wrong stop and have to walk a mile down to the office. I get there and I am tired and pissed. I walked through a field, so my jeans and shoes were covered in mud and water. I pay my little co-pay and go in the office. The nurse checks me out and is shocked at my heart rate. This is bad. The doctor hooks me up to an EKG and as I lay there I get scared. Suppose this is a heart attack? My pulse starts racing and the doctor tells me calm down. I am shaking. Moments later she tells me my EKG is fine. I have no heart problems, except this minor t wave thing that indicates a potassium deficiency. I ask her point blank "Am I going to die? Can we fix it?"

"It's curable. You are fine but I am sending you to the ER."

10 minutes later, the ambulance arrives and I am swooped away. Along the way I hit up a few people. I feel extra stupid. I just got on one of my good friends about his health. "You are no good to anyone sick...if you need insurance or help, I have connects..." just a rack of things. Oh the irony.

In the ER, another EKG and a heart monitor are placed on. She finds the same thing. So they stick me about 6 times for blood due to my small veins. An hour later, the blood work is back and I am fine. No problems at all. Okay so this is odd right...go pee in a cup. 20 minutes later...oh you are dehydrated and "are you anorexic?" WTH lady? Oh well we found ketones in your urine which means diabetes or anorexic (malnourishment), and you do NOT have diabetes. For 30 minutes we talk about this whole eating thing, and I am super tired and I want to sleep but they think I am sick.

I get 2 IVs baggies of liquid. After the first one, my heart rate drops considerably. That was the problem. I get another one and I am feeling extra better. I am starving at this point.

They keep me a bit longer. I get released with the advice "eat more, drink more water, and relax. you are too stressed out." My mother takes me to eat, and I pick at the food. I eat less than half and then I feel bad, like am I unconsciously not eating? I start drinking water like it's going out of style when I get home.

This experience scared the shit out of me. I never thought that I'd end up in the hospital for something like "dehydration" or "exhaustion". I always laughed at people who had those type of problems. The irony of the situation is that is now me.


  1. God bless
    take care of yourself
    we need you
    there is much work to be done
    and not to many qualified to do
    Be strong

  2. Steff, you really need to take better care of yourself. I've been there. I won't get too deep, but I will say, I am blessed to still be here.
    Please eat right and drink water. Just Do Better. You will feel better and be better.

  3. I co-sign on the sentiments from up above - the comment from Ty that is.

    Your words are heartfelt - pardon the pun. please feel better. Glad to know you are all good.

  4. I think it's interesting that there are times in our life when GOD has to humble us and gain our attention. It seems we at times get so caught up in always giving people advice that we forget to take our own. Your right Steph we are no good to anyone if we are not good to ourselves. I am glad you are better!

  5. When I got the call - I almost went into shock - scared of losing the love of my life - afraid to be without the one who saved my life -without you - I would not please...take care of yourself. You are the beat of my heart.

  6. lol...anonymous is my mom. she's so cute.