Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why White People: Spitting on Others

This is some white shit. Seriously. I have NEVER (never!) NEVER seen a black person spit on someone else. Why? Because spitting on someone is the most trifling, ignorant, low class thing ever in life to do to anyone. This is not to say black people don't do this...but I just NEVER seen a black person do this but I have seen countless white people spit on blacks.

The first time was in high friends and I actually went to a club in Baltimore. Some argument ensued at the club and next thing you know, some white chick just spits in this latino girls face. Now I am shocked. I don't think I would ever think "yo, let me just spit in this girl's face to shut her the fuck up." And I swear I think I'd have to kill someone...(or just cut them badly)...if they ever fixed their mouth to gather up any spit with the intent to spit in my face. Actually a guy I dated in high school did try to spit on me once after someone peed on their car. He was becoming abusive...and I only hope his wife isn't getting her ass beat on the daily but I digress. This is a mess.

Spitting on someone basically means you have no respect for that person. How pissed must you be during an argument that the only recourse you have is to spit on them...and in their face? Apparently this is big on tv tho. We all remember the infamous Pumpkin spitting on NY. I still don't understand how Pumpkin is not in a cast somewhere...but I guess it's "staged" but there is no amount of money I'd ever accept to allow some one to spit on me like I am some shit on the street. People should really STOP worshiping money. Is it really worth losing your pride for $10K? (and I think I feel a certain way about white people spitting on minorities but that's another topic...)

The  next season on Flavor of Love (or some other dating "reality" show VH1 put on) someone else spit on someone else. I am sure it happened quite frequently on VH1 but I am not to vested in spitting to look up all of the vidoes. (ironically: I am watching Sopranos and this chick Tracy JUST spit in dude's face because he called her a cock sucking whore). To add further fuel to the fire...this Tuesday on Real World: Washington DC, the white chick will spit in the black guy's face (they just had sex last maybe that's what he's into).

I don't get it. How is this okay behave? How is this even an option? I just can't imagine thinking this is okay of cool. I'm venting. LOL. But seriously...this was a good idea? :


  1. Ahahahaha, you crack me up, Steff!! This post is so awesome, lol!!
    I don't think I've ever seen anyone spit on anyone, so maybe it's an American thing? ;) I know in my dad's culture people will HINT at spitting at someone to show them they don't respect them.. but it's NOT okay for a woman to do that.. EVER! Let alone actually doing it!
    As for black people.. Tupac spit in the camera once, that comes sort of close..

  2. Oh yeah...this is definitely an American thing. You know America is like the "ghetto" of the world (we are rich but oh so trifling...). We have no sense of culture, traditions, and respect. LOL. No seriously...we don't.

  3. the entire white population of oklahoma are spitting at persons of color.