Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supporting Local Black Business: Oyin Handmade

After what seems like 100 years I finally decided to try out Oyin Handmade Products. I had heard a lot of great things about their products and since I am finally 100% natural I decided to go for it. Now don't get it twisted, the products are not exclusively for natural's just that I was going through an internal battle with myself and once I cut off all the straight hair, I could start new.

What I knew about Oyin was it was black owned and based in Baltimore. That's all I needed to know...I was off to the site. Now I must admit, as soon as I went to the site I was overwhelmed. Oyin is not just a "hair" store; they have items for your skin, your lips, and your babies. I decided to play it safe and get the 4 piece hair sample pack that included Greg Juice, Shine and Define, Honey Hemp, and Whipped Pudding. I have to say, shipping is not quick and I think that is because they are a small operation and they literally hand make every thing. I wasn't too concerned about that tho...everyone talks about the shipping when they review the products. It took about two weeks to get my order, I ain't mad at that.

Let me tell you something...this stuff smells GOOD (sorry for the bootleg picture but whatever...) I mean decadent. I was in love from jump. So let me go item by item.

1. Greg Juice: I like this. It's a spray for moisture. I used it on my afro and it stayed moisturized and soft. However with braids it wasn't as great. I really liked this product and it smells good.

2. Honey Hemp: Excellence. I used this as a leave in. When I was rocking corn rows, I took the mixtresses advice and put it on before I got in the shower so that it could pull from the hot shower and moisturize my hair. This is orangey smelling and nice. I didn't get a chance to use it as a deep conditioner and I feel bad about that. But I will purchase a big bottle of this and try it again.

3. Shine and Define: If you need to smooth down those unruly edges...this is for you. I have type 4 hair and with this, my hair was slick as a new born baby's! I found that it was also good for twist and braid outs. I would mix a little with the whipped pudding and used when I styled my hair. I find that the hold with this product is strong without being hard like gel. This whole bottle (they sent like a 2 oz one) is gone. I was using this like it went out of style.

4. Whipped Pudding: I want to eat this. It smells that good. I was in the bathroom like a feen smelling the bottle everyday. I used this for moisture also. When I was rocking the afro, I'd use it to twist and add a body to my hair. My hair loved this stuff! When I put this in my hair, my hair was like "what do you want me to do mami?!?" and would do what I loved. Let me give you an example of a three day old braid out using the shine and define mixed with Whipped Pudding:

 That's with me air drying too. I don't put heat in my hair if I can help it.

Oyin does have a flagship store here in Baltimore located on North Charles Street, but their hours do not work for me (they are only open on Saturdays). However, I am pressed to go to the store so I might make that trip next week.

Overall: 5 out of 5 for the sample pack! LOL. I will give the other items a try and rate those later.

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