Monday, January 11, 2010

I am 29 going on 30...

in exactly a week, on MLK day.
I am somewhat excited and somewhat not. Birthdays to me have never been great and I was hoping to make the big 3-0 a fantastic one but I am seeing right now that plans will not go through the way I hope. In December, I planned my whole birthday weekend down to the last minute because I just KNEW I was going in and now I am like oh well.
My birthday has never been awesome...I was just wishing/hoping/praying that I could make this milestone a great one. Maybe it's not meant to be? When I reflect back on my birthdays I feel so so about it. The one consistent thing is my mom and my sister taking me out to dinner or lunch. Other than that, it's a regular day. Let's reflect on my birthdays shall we?!?!?! (just the milestones...)

12 years old: Who knows what happened?
16 years old: Again, who knows what happened? Tho I vaguely remember being sick and laid up in my grandma's house
18 years old: Senior in high school. Pretty sure I was at a club in Baltimore (Lava Lounge?!) getting my party on and making dudes pay me $2 for my phone number.
21 years old: Junior in college. I was staying in the infamous Argonne (aka Thurgood Marshall). It was someone elses birthday this day and he was well known on campus. We went to some random club and I drank entirely too much this night. In a drunken stupor I told this guy that I loved him since the first time I saw him freshman year, to which he replied "I know." Bottles were popped and drinks flowed all night. This was an excellent birthday outside of me waking up with the worse hang over ever. However, I did get the guy. And I guess that's all that matters huh?
25 years old: Goodness...I have no clue what happened. Pretty sure I did nothing. I don't even think I was working at the time.
30 years old: ?!?! who knows?

What I do KNOW is that I don't want to be doing nothing. I am already pissed that my life plan did not work out the way it should have. Last year I was prepping to buy a house this year as a gift to myself. Now I will be lucky if I can buy myself a house by 35 years old.

I guess we will see what this weekend brings...


  1. Hey Stephy! Buck up! You made it to 30 and that is the gift in itself! You know what I mean, you're here to plan for 35. All that doing something cause it's your bday, ehhh.

  2. I felt the same way but I have decided to make my birthday a big deal this year by throwing myself a 30th birthday bash. But the important thing is that you made it this far.