Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Henna Experience

Two weeks ago I decided to use henna on my hair. And it was an experience to say the least. My hair is dark brown...not black. I did have highlights before but once I cut off all my relaxed hair, I was left with very dark hair. And I missed my once "red" hair that I had as a child. Being that it's the winter, I can't lighten it naturally by hanging out in the sun with conditioner and lemon juice in my hair so the next best thing Henna.

So first I mixed up a batch of Rainbow henna I got from Whole Foods. I mixed Henna and Apple Cider Vinegar and I let it sit over night. It starts off green, it should turn brown. The henna from Whole Foods comes in different colors, from a bright red to black (indigo actually). I chose a burgundy one. I used half the jar of henna and about 1/4 of the vinegar. I had to make a second batch actually because I didn't make enough initially. I added a tablespoon of Neutrogena Daily Moisture to "condition" even tho I am told henna conditions your hair. Also in that picture is Sauve Coconut Conditioner (.99 cents ya'll!!!) that I decided to use to wash out the henna.

So then I applied it to my hair. As you can's all streaked up. That's because of the second batch. However, my curls "dropped" and were somewhat defined. I was shocked because I never can get my hair back in a pony tail like that on an average day. I actually put the henna on dry hair, and it was *somewhat* clean. I had washed it last week.

It sat on for 8 hours. I couldn't take the smell anymore so I washed it out. And let me tell you, washing henna out your hair is some bullshit. My whole bathrub was red-brown and my hair felt gritty. I was so annoyed with the smell that I actually WASHED my hair instead of just rinse and condition. So I used Sauve Coconut Shampoo and I smelled extra good. I had to wash my hair twice. Warning: if you wash your hair after you henna it, it will loose some of that color. So it didn't look like anything to me after I washed and conditioned.

A week later while in the bathroom my hair was doing something. I realize the henna did work but you can only tell in natural light. This is the best picture of it I can get:

Yeah I will henna again. It should get lighter as I attempt to do it more and more. And isn't my afro puff the bomb? My PNC said I should have done a front shot but the lighting was bad. I like it. If you want natural color, then go for henna. It's fun and messy. Sometimes an adult needs to be a kid.

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  1. that stuff looks like it had your whole house rockin.