Saturday, December 5, 2009

The End of an Era...

As of Friday, December 4 2009 @ about 5:30 pm, Steff is carless.
No car.
At all.
This shit sucks.

I already knew the car was on it's last leg. Every day I get in it begging it to work until January at least. I was really pushing the limits. In Feb, the mechanic told me I had about 10,000 miles left on the car before the engine was done. Then the rotors were fucking up. Then I found how much all that costs to fix and said hell no. Well...I didn't have a job so it really didn't matter.
Anyway, as I am driving home on Friday it makes this noise that I cannot describe. I hit the hazard button and stopped. I just sat there. Then I said "I can make it home, I am only like 3 miles from the house" and I was literally on the street I live on...just 3 miles down from my house. As I attempt to drive the remaining 3 miles, it's making this UNGODLY noise. I just knew it wasn't going to make it and then I see smoke coming from the passenger back side. I pull over and cut the car off. I then weigh my options...take a hack or walk home. The car is done for. I pack everything I had in the car (including the tags on the car) into my bag and make the decision to walk 3 miles home. I have no clue how the bus works...and didn't have cash. Hacking is only cool during the day time.
The two people I might could call were 30 minutes away...and I have my pride and I am an independent woman. Now I am slightly worried seeing as how there are some rapists on the loose in Baltimore.  I grab my head scarf and wrap it as if I am Muslim. I have learned that guys in Baltimore will NOT bother a woman they think is a Muslim. And I proceed to walk.
And I am dad decides to be a jerk when he calls and hassles me about Thanksgiving. Now I am so in love with my dad but I literally wanted to cry and as I told him I was on my way home, he hung up on me. This pissed me off but I kept walking, silently thanking God for all those years of track and for the fact I carried my Aveeno bag to work (instead of my oversized Coach or other designer bag).

It takes me about 40 minutes to walk 3 miles. I stop at the local KFC and grab some dinner and my ass is cold, sweaty and tired. There is something about being cold and sweaty. I get home and try my best not to just lay down and cramp up. I walk around the house trying to bring down my heart rate, and I guzzle a jug of water. I realize walking is NOT the safest thing...but I really had no other options. It sucks not having readily available friends who live close enough and drive that I would not feel like I am bothering.

I abandoned the car. I figured since I stripped the tags and left it illegally parked, it will get towed soon enough. And whoever takes it can keep it. Good riddance.

Now I have to learn how to catch the bus until I can get a new car. Hopefully I can find me a nice "certified used" car by the end of the month. I could rent a car but that's a waste of money to me. And I could hack to work everyday but I would rather have a reliable hack that I could use everyday.

*sigh* As SOON as I get money this shit happens. It figures

EDIT: I realize people not from Baltimore may be confused about what a "hack" is. In the most simple terms, an illegal cab. Read about hacks here:

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  1. Crazy story. hope u get that car situation fixed soon