Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things I learned on my random trip to NYC

I went to NYC for a few days this week.
Now I am home and I am somewhat sad about that. I love NY. I don't know why. I guess because I always wanted to live a "fast" life. I debated  making a day by day blog about my experiences but decided that no one wants to read all that so I will just list out all the things I learned in NYC.

*3 or 4 days in NYC is not enough: My plans changed each day. I did not get to see half the people I wanted or go to half the places I wanted. I did see the MOST important people to me in NYC and that was nice. It was like "Girlfriends" mixed with "Sex in the City." Now I realize that if I lived there, I will either be broke or drunk. Or both. If I could find a job making $70K, I will go. Seriously. Maybe only for a year.

*Umbrellas are so necessary: It started raining on Thursday as I walked my happy ass from 34th to 42nd. Everytime I come to NYC, it either rains or snows. I need to keep an umbrella on me at all times.

*Subways!!!!:  Okay this is two fold. One part is I need to buy myself a rolling suitcase. Second is that the subway system is nice. Okay many NY-ers don't understand what it is like to have to NEED a car in order to go places. If I could catch the subway in Baltimore, I wouldn't own a car. For what? The money spent on  buying a car, insurance, and the upkeep is ridiculous and I'd rather use that money paying off debt and travelling. But alas, I learned how to take the subway and I won't even tell you how Katie and Karen didn't tell me that C train runs express and doesn't stop at 23rd so I had to hop off and run around the station like a fool until I heard the A train say next stop 23rd and I ran on that like a crazy woman. But I must look SO NYC because quite a few ppl asked me for directions. And I gave them out.

*Obama has his own condoms: For those "hard times", we all need a "stimulus package" because "hope is not a form of protection" (and sry for the dark picture. I fixed it in Picasso but I can't find it. Oh well).

*Art means different things to different people: My best friend wanted to go to MOMA, I wanted to go to BAM. I sent her a link to BAM. We decided on BAM. We get there and she is upset that there is no "art" and we have to go to MOMA next time. I was confused. Apparently "art" to her is "paintings." She didn't bother looking at the link I sent her for BAM; and she must not have looked at the one for MOMA either because they don't have a lot of paintings. Either way, I am not a painting from Europe watching girl. I prefer my art to be from Africa, South America, Asian, and I like to my "paintings" to be in "picture" form. LOL. I loved the museum. Pictures will go up on my facebook.

That was it in a nutshell. I loved my visit, upset that I couldn't see everyone. I will come back to see you guys! (if you are reading which you should because I am soooo Gucci). I am going to try to go back in a few weeks. I'd like to go back for New Years (I am such a tourist); but maybe my NY/NJ girls will come to DC for New Years and we can party there instead. I did get to see "Precious" and that will be a seperate blog because I have a lot to say about that movie.

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