Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Black Friday Experience

For the first time in over 5 years I decided to do "Black Friday". Now I had everything planned in my mind and I had stacks of coupons in my oversized Dooney and Burke bag ready to go. I actually started shopping this past Tuesday on Amazon and managed to get one book (urban literature; I am so ashamed) and two DVDs ("Maria full of grace" and "I am Legend") for less than $20. This was a great deal. "I am Legend" was only $2 brand new, widescreen edition.

As soon as midnight hit on Friday, I saw some online deals that looked great. I only bought from one place, Philosophy. Paypal makes it incredibly easy to spend more money than you should. I bought body wash and lip gloss for a flat fee (free shipping) for $10.

I got up late to go shopping at the mall (around 8:00 am). I get to the mall and it's like a regular Saturday. It was no types of packed or anything. The busiest store was Chikfila. I thought maybe everyone shopped early since the mall opened at  6 but I overheard one of the cashiers at Express say that they could let some people go home early because it's dead. There was this sexy black dress at Express I wanted. It costs $120 and you could get 30% off. I tried to justify this purchase in my mind but my ass doesn't go anywhere so I didn't buy it. I buy my sister's present from the mall, but that's really it. I wanted to exchange this bra I bought in NYC but Vikki's didn't have the bra and I wasn't going to return it for $3. (I had used a good ass coupon on the bra)

My next stop is Target.  I actually spent a nice chunk at Target. I bought baby stuff for my cousin's baby. Girl baby outfits are beyond cute and I went in. And I got some Nuks for her. I love how cute nuks are. For myself I got a shirt. And a mirror for my house so I can see how I look when I am working out. (HEY!!!!!) and a box of Pepperidge Farm Gingerbread cookies that I have smashed already.

In the midst of all this, I go to the bank and complete my credit card application (I was approved! Let's continue to improve the credit into 2010) and upgrade my checking account to a more premiere one. I felt good about those positive steps I am making to get financially sound again. I am planning on another financial blog soon to give some advice (not professional, just things I learned) before December is over. It will update on everything I have done since I made the Do Better Blog.

Overall...the day was semi-productive. I think I could have stayed home and worked. I actually got back in the house by 1 pm. But I could have just stayed in the bed and shopped online instead of venturing outside.


  1. shopping.... (green with envy. no cash to burn)

  2. I'm glad to hear you're progressing. You've been trying for a while to get those finances right. Keep it up hun!

  3. I hate black friday. them old ladies were out in full effect causing all types of fuggery.