Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why would you want to go to Africa?!?

I think the better question is: "Why wouldn't you want to go to Africa?"

It amazes me that I tell people of my plans to go to Africa in 2010 I hear "Why would you want to go there?" And this is from African-Americans (or black Americans...whatever you like to call yourself). My best friend and I have been discussing how to practice our French and she suggested Paris, to which I agreed. But then I thought...there are french speaking countries in Africa (20 countries that I can name). And I bet you any one of those countries is 100 times better than Paris. But apparently there is something "wrong" with Africa.

I remember when I was in high school in Richmond VA. There was a class on Black History. I was beyond excited to take it...unfortunately the year that I had the class on my schedule, we moved to Maryland. My new school in Columbia looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to take a black history class. See Virginia is special. The history class there is like Virginia history. I hadn't taken US History so the school in MD was like "oh no, we don't have that plus you didn't even take US History. Sorry."

I was blessed to go to an HBCU. At Morgan, the African Diaspora is a required class. In a nut shell, this class explores the "migration" of Africans from Africa to America. A lot of focus is put on the Middle Passage; and I am grateful it was mandatory. But you know what is funny...White Americans can learn of their heritage and the next summer, they are taking trips. They trace their roots and go.

Maybe this is the issue? A majority of black Americans can not trace their roots. Great grandparents is as far as many of us can go. The stories of our ancestors are not written down but past down by word of mouth, and names and dates often get confused. It's significantly harder for a black american to trace their roots to a tribe/country in Africa and therefore, many feel a disconnect to the motherland. I understand.

However...I found if anyone is curious as to why it's Africa (specifically Ghana) 2010 I will point them in the direction of this video:

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  1. I don't necessarily think that it's harder for Black Americans to trace their roots I think it's more of an issue of WANTING to do it or being too lazy to do it. I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with wanting to go. I know I will def get there in this lifetime my issue is all the white ppl feeling like it's ok to adopt babies from there...but that's a whole 'notha issue.