Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Halloween Blog

Last Halloween I talked about the haunted doll in my grandmother's house (located on myspace and I don't feel like looking for it now). This one is about: Sleep Paralysis and my last experience with it.
so if you don't know:

breakdown: basically when your mind wakes up but your body doesn't.

Okay so it was in the summer/fall of 2006. I was in my apartment and it was pretty late. Now I sleep upside down in my bed, my feet at the head and my head at the feet. I do this so I can look down the hall in case someone breaks in. Now this is slightly crazy since I have an alarm and I keep it on "no delay" (which means that it should go off as soon as someone breaks in). Anywho, I'm sleeping.

Approximately 2:30 am in the morning I wake up and realize I am paralyzed. I am slightly annoyed, but this has happened to me since I was a child. I was about to "break" out of it when I realize there is commotion in my living room. My eyes cut to the left and I see a squirrel running around the living room, up the wall and across the ceiling. I think to myself "this isn't right. How did a squirrel get in my house?" and then I see "it".

"It" was like a shadow man. A tall dark figure and he comes out of the hall closet and stands there for a moment. He was in all black and had on a black hat. I was suddenly overwhelmed by fear. This man had come to take my soul. Not my life...just my soul. He goes into the bathroom and I quickly cut my eyes up and being my prayers. Now the only way I can break out of this condition is to pray to God. But as soon as my eyes focus, he is standing over me.

I stare in horror, frozen in sleep. Tears run down my face and in my mind I beg him to let me be. In my mind I am screaming to God to save me, that I did not want to be a bad person. I have never felt so scared in my life. I was upset and I go into the "Lord's Prayer." The figure leans down over me and he is like smoke...just a dark shadow. Right before he falls into me, a light shines and I wake up screaming.

I am soaked with sweat. I am crying and shaking. I turn on the lights, and hesitantly go into the bathroom. I wash my face and change clothes. And I pray.

I have not had an episode since then. Well not a "real" one. I have had dreams that I am sleep and in my dream I wake up in sleep paralysis...but it's a dream right? In one of my dreams, I see the culprit of these episodes and I asked her "Why would you do this to me?" and she just looked at me and left me alone.

And that was the end.

I don't know much about sleep paralysis. I know how it was as a child. This was not the same. While the episodes are scary, I have never felt full of fear. This had me NOT wanting to sleep. And my old "dream-catcher" was no where to be found. This could drive a person insane.

I want to blame this on my fascination with horror movies...especially religious ones that deal with the fight between good and evil. However there are things that can not be explained in this world. And if you believe in God, you should believe that good and evil are fighting on this world for your (ours.mine.) soul.

Happy Halloween


  1. WTH....My sister has always had this. We didn't realize what it was until 2 months.

    PS: You are a really good writer. Maybe you write a good old mystery novel.

  2. Thanks.
    I previously blogged about this condition and people previously said that they experienced it but did not know what it was. And I am glad I can bring some light to this condition.

    I am glad you enjoyed it (I guess? LOL)