Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blessed Sundays...

October has been wonderful and a blessing already.

The last few months have been overwhelming. Being unemployed, and having no money has taken a toll on me physically and mentally. I am the only one who looks out for me in most aspects of my life. I take care of me and here comes this threat to my livelihood. All I knew was that I had 26 weeks to get right. Living off unemployment for the past 5 months has taught me a lot! Mostly that materialistic things are not as important as we sometimes make them. I have struggled before...this time was just different because I literally had nothing else going for me. I was not in school like last time and my family that could help me was in jail. So I had to figure this out on my own with no help from anyone. But I focused, and I prayed.

I knew things would work's all about WHEN will things work out. The longer I was unemployed, the more scared I became. I trust in the Lord, but there were still times when I'd be like "God I can't do this! It's hard!" but I focused.

The first week of October was overwhelming in a good way. I was offered 3 jobs this past week. THREE. One of them was a full time position at the place I currently work part time for. The position is better than anyone I ever had and it pays well and I can stay working in Baltimore City and with this community. I can continue working with pregnant moms (mostly teens) and babies in Baltimore City. I am so excited. I am formally accepting that job tomorrow. The other two were good jobs. But not in what I wanted to do and/or not the pay that was reasonable to me.

The Lord is good all the time.
I prayed on this and worked hard and I got it.
It's all a blessing.

So for all my people in the struggle! lol....


  1. Congrats on ur new job. Hope everything gonna be great for u. :)

  2. Congratulations! I wish you nothing but good hon! You deserve it.