Thursday, September 24, 2009

There are still good people in the world...

don't ever forget this! If you don't know any good people, I would suggest you take a good look at yourself to see what it is you are doing to attract the wrong type of people. Goodness attracts goodness.

I was just reminded of this last week.
I won't get into personal details but there was a call put out there that a young child with cancer was in need. It wasn't a big need to be honest. The young kid is going through chemo and is now allowed to wear hats to school. He wanted hats. I couldn't provide a hat despite the fact that I wanted to. The hats I have are dirty and too big, and to be honest...I wanted this kid to have a cool hat. I hate it when people give away bullshit items. Like if you DON'T want it what makes you think that someone else wants it? I do give away a lot of my things but I give away nice items that are in good condition that are still wearable/usable.

Either way things came together on OKP. One of the nice posters over there just got a shipment of hats in for his store (how perfect is that?!?!) so I asked him "can you donate one hat to a cancer kid?" Now this guy doesn't know me personally (IRL) nor does he know the beneficiary of said hat but he agreed. And he sent the perfect hat!

How awesome is that?!?! (yes I said awesome). The mother was ecstatic and said that the hat was perfect for her son. Her emails and his inboxes bought tears to my eyes. He was so happy to help, she was so happy to receive help.

he did not have to help. but he did. I am forever grateful for that. Next time I am in Chicago, drinks are on me.

I am also grateful to all of the people who donated school supplies!!! My next stop is taking all these books in my house (the children's books I have from when I use to teach) to the Baltimore City library. so new challenge: if you have any books that you don't read, don't want...whatever: Donate them to your local library or school (school libraries need books too!).

Also...if you shop at Giant, don't forget to sign up your school under your club card. Giant donates money and supplies via A+ bonuses and the like. So at least you can grocery shop and help out if you can't donate.


  1. That's what's up. That's a good look right there. I gotta admit, I stopped frequenting OKP because of all the e-hate, cynicism, snarkinness and overall bitter attitudes, but I am glad that some of us OKPeeps keep it "really real" and have a heart.

  2. ALWAYS DOING GOOD WORK...@ you. I love it. Nice story...