Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let me give you some advice... about you don't?

I am not interested in "your" advice on anything in regards to me and/or any situations past, present or future unless it personally involves you.

I don't understand why people feel the need to give you advice that you did not ask for or to try to point out what they think is "the obvious". And I hate it when people try to tell you what you *should* do, when what they *should* do is shut the entire fuck up.

Okay let me back track...the other week I went out with some friends and saw some people. One person kept trying to tell me about MY life and what I should do, to which I said "My life is complicated and I don't expect you to understand, so just KNOW that I know." and I kept it moving. This is my "leave me alone" statement. I am damn near 30. I am fully aware of how my life is and what's going on. I don't need people who have their own fucked up lives to tell me how to fix mine. But this person persisted to a point where I no longer enjoyed their company and was ready to go home.

Then there is the unwanted relationship advice from people who have never had a successful relationship. Every time I see you, you with someone new. Or you having babies with someone you knew for less than 6 months. Or your man is cheating on you. Or some bullshit. Let me tell you...if you are not currently in a successful, committed, married (yes, married), happy relationship then you can't tell me how to find the right one.

Then last week I mention that the recession has messed up my shopping. Then quite a few males chime in with the "you ladies need to find a good man to buy you things."


That's what a good man does? He buys you things? Really? Because if that is so, I had a "good" man who bought me a house, a car, and anything else I wanted...and that "good" man also cheated with several women. I ain't bitter tho, that's how life is. I learned alot and I moved on.

And from what I hear, one of the people who said this to me who claims to be a "good" man has 5 kids with 5 different women. (hmm...commitment issues maybe?!?!) and from what my girl told me, women would randomly pop up at his house while she was visiting him.

That's a good man?!?! Please God, send me one of those!

Look I do for myself. I handle my shit myself. And outside of me, the only others I can depend on are my family and my best friends (this is only 4 people who TRULY fit in this category). I may not have a lot but this shit is all mine!!

Those two degrees I got: I worked my ass off for a scholarship and I paid for that Masters myself.
The car I got: I bought it.
The apartment: I got that myself after i moved out that nice house!
Anything else: It's all me.

My life is MY life, and I would like to thank everyone for their concern on matters they nothing of...but really: You don't know anything. There are very few privy to my total life situation.

I am working on ME right let me give you some advice: Miss me with YOUR advice if you cherish the little bit of contact that we have.


  1. and that's the DOUBLE TRUTH...RUTH!- Do The Right Thing.

  2. TRUTH.COM, dammit!!!!!!!!
    Co-sign on ALLLL of this!
    CHUUUCH and Tabernacle!!!