Thursday, August 6, 2009

Top 10: Songs that turn chicks into hoes on the flo'

This is a fun offense. But do you notice that when certain songs come on in "urban" clubs, chicks get wild?!?!?! I won't even front, my ass gets on the floor too. So I made a Top 10 List of Songs that turn chicks into hoes on the flo'. In my own order....

10. "Every Girl Drake, Lil Wayne, and the other dude: This is a relatively new song but for some reason as soon as 'I like a long hair thick red bone' drops, the hoe comes out. And then it's like 'I'mma get in and on that pussy, if she let me hit I'mma OWN that pussy' and girls is like "YES LIL WAYNE. This pussy is YOURS!!!"

9. "Best of Me(remix)" Mya feat Jay Z: This song is about cheating. But yet, this is everyone's song in the club.

8. "Nasty Girl" Vanity 6: "I am looking for a man who will do it anywhere, even on the limousine floor....or the club floor. Hoes.

7. "Lap Dance" NERD: "Baby you want me? Well you can get this lap dance here for free" I think I actually gave someone (my man at the time) a lap dance to this song in the middle of Love the Club.

6. "My Neck, My Back" Khia: I first heard this in Miami and every chick stopped what they was doing and starting singing the hook "lick it now, lick it good..." You know the rest.

5. "Big Momma Thang" Lil Kim: So I would put this higher. But after Lil Kim's part, chicks seem to fall off. But everyone KNOWS the first few lines.

4. "Oochie Wallie" Nas and his bodyguards: Yeah, thugs make it hot? Whoever random dude was he killed that joint. I mean, if that's what you like and all.

3. "Lollipop" Lil Wayne: Even white chicks become hoes on this song. I seen chicks pull out suckers when this comes on. the club? My best friend who is far from hood gets beyond hoe-ish when she hears this song drop.

2. "Get Low" Ying Yang and Lil Jon: LET BRUCE BRUCE HIT IT!


"Put it in my mouth" Akinyele



    This is true and of course, I AM NOT MAD about it.

  2. I know it's kinda old, but a good hoe song is Shakiras "My Hips Don't Lie". Crazy hip movements ands thrusts; ANY chick will turn hoe to this song, NO DOUBT!

  3. I totally agree with 1-4, 6 and 10

    It's a shame that nowadays, damn near ANY song getting major play that has the words "ass, titties, pussy, get low, dime, donk, g-string, etc" will get major play on the radio (as if we don't know what those *bleeps* mean and will cause the club to turn the hell out! I can't even let my kids listen to the radio anymore...geez!

    On the other hand, Best of Me, pt 2 is my jank! I've known the whole damn song by heart since I was a kid, lol

    *steps off soapbox, then burns the damn thing*

  4. IM MAD LATE BUT #8 HAS ME LMMFAO....esp your ending to it. LMAO

  5. Hi there, a very good read and it sometimes just takes someone to post something like this to make me realise where I’ve been going wrong! Just added the site to my bookmarks so will check back now and then. Cheers.