Friday, August 21, 2009

Girlie Blog: Mixed Chicks on 4a/b hair

Okay so a month ago I posted about the Total Beauty quiz and the products Total Beauty recommended I try for my hair. They said Mixed Chicks deep conditioner. I decide to purchase the mixed chicks sample pack. The trio pack has a sample of shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave in. It's 99 cents. However, shipping is about $8. So I got 3 sample packs, and spent $10.

I have to be honest, when I first went to the site I was rolled my eyes. There was no one with hair like ME on the site. And it is called "Mixed Chicks" so that kind of made me think "This is not for me." But I went ahead and purchased the sample packs (I hate paying shipping but the order came quickly and via UPS so really I can't be mad).

First the shampoo: I got to be honest, I wasn't feeling it. The shampoo would NOT lather for me and I am all about the lather. And some of you may say "oh lather is bad, etc, etc" but this shampoo does have a sulfate so the fact I had to go crazy to make my hair bubbly was not great. I have super thick hair, and it was soaked in water. The second wash was better, but they usually are. However, I found the shampoo did nothing for my hair. I could have washed with anything else in my closest, or on my floor, or in the plastic thing...I have shampoo all over.

Deep Conditioner: This is actually pretty good. I put it on for a few minutes while I finished my shower. My hair felt soft and moisturized as I rinsed. My kinks weren't as dry and my hair was very easy to manage. So far so good however I want to try this again...I can't honestly judge a DC on one try. I know cheaper ones that work better, esp for MY type of hair. And this is a big issue. With thicker, kinkier hair, I feel I need MORE than the average person. This is a decent deep conditioner. It worked a lot better on my friend's 3b hair who I used these products on too (and the shampoo still sucked so it wasn't me...)

Leave In: I definitely need to try this again but as of today, I like it. 4a/b hair is little to no curl pattern. My hair ranges from curls the size of coffee stirrers to no curls. This product did a great job at defining the different curls. I don't like how it feels on my hands. My hair dries a little hard, then goes back to being soft. This is just odd to me. However, I LOVE the curl definition. I want to try this again when I am wearing my afro to see how that works for me. But this is a great product. I like it alot.

So what can I say? The leave in right now is my favorite. And that wasn't even what I was looking into. I would suggest anyone who wants to use the products and has type 4a/b hair like myself to get the sample pack first. $10 might seem funky for 3 packs but they are very generous with the samples. I could use the shampoo and conditioner for two different washes. The leave in last much longer depending on how often you use it. I don't hate the products, I think the are for people with hair different from mine. Once I get a new camera (I am halfway to getting my new Kodak Easyshare 10MP camera from amazon...please get familiar with the make money blog) I can take pictures and I will include one of my hair after I use the leave in so people can see how that works.

Next Review: Neutrogena Daily Deep Moisturizer. Probably next month.


  1. you may wanna try a clarifying shampoo (like neutrogena) before you use your main shampoo. the neutrogena removes any old oils or product in your hair so your main shampoo works and lathers better.

    and how do i subscribe to your blog? iont think wordpress likes subscribing. lolz.

  2. U know what, I was going to clarify but I did that baking soda thing so my hair still felt really clean. I hadn't been putting a lot of products on my hair. And my sister just told me that she didn't like the shampooo either but loved the conditioner. she was 2b/2c hair (it's very wavy). the leave in did NOTHING for her hair. I sent u a message on twitter how to subscribe.

  3. I appreciate how on their bottle it says that the Mixed Chicks products are for everyone. "white, black, latin, etc..."